Your Council Tax and Business Rates for 2023-24 and our performance and spending plans

Western Riverside Waste Authority

The Western Riverside Waste Authority, as a levying body under the above regulations, provides the following information. 

Western Riverside Waste Authority is the statutory waste disposal authority for the London Boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham, Lambeth and Wandsworth and for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The Authority’s waste management policies are led by the waste hierarchy principles of waste reduction, reuse and recycling, with the balance of residual waste being transported from the Authority’s two transfer stations via the River Thames to an Energy from Waste Facility on the Thames at Belvedere. The Authority has therefore already achieved the Mayor of London’s 2025 target of zero municipal waste direct to landfill. 

The Authority and its constituent councils agreed on a basis of cost apportionment from 2009/10. Under the agreement, which has been extended to run for a further eight years from 2017/18, the Authority recovers the costs of waste delivered by its constituent councils at a rate per tonne according to the nature of the waste recycled or disposed of. There is a residual annual levy, apportioned on the basis of council tax-base, for overheads and Household Waste and Recycling Centre waste. 

The estimated costs to constituent councils for 2023/24 compared to the original budgeted cost in 2022/23 are shown in the table below. 

Council 2023/24 Direct costs £'000 2023/24 Levy £'000 2023/24 Total costs £'000

2022/23 Total Costs £'000

Increase / (Decrease) £'000 Increase / (Decrease) %
Hammersmith and Fulham 9,120 803 9,923 10,619 (696) (6.6%)
Kensington and Chelsea 9,773 935 10,708 10,411 296 2.8%
Lambeth 14,971 1,078 16,050 16,628 (578) (3.5%)
Wandsworth 13,207 1,349 14,556 15,835 (1,279) (8.1%)
Total 47,071 4,165 51,236 53,493 (2,258) (4.2%)

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Last updated: 13 March 2023