Prince Philip - Duke of Edinburgh

1921 - 2021

It is with deep sadness that the Council and residents have learned of the death of His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh.

The death of His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh.

RBKC’s Budget and Council Tax Requirement for 2021/22

RBKC's budget for 2021/22

The Council will spend £488 million in 2021/22 on a wide range of local services such as:

  • social care
  • the environment
  • leisure facilities
  • highways
  • transport services
  • education and skills development

The charts and table below show the full breakdown of the budget (this excludes Housing Benefit payments which are reimbursed by Government). 










Adult Social Care39,45469,212-29,65439,558
Public Health020,117-20,1170
Children's Services41,467147,442105,90341,539
Environment and Communities26,32399,400-74,29925,102
Housing and Social Investment7,46561,695-53,2108,485
Resources and Customer Delivery29,03980,105-50,76729,338
Grenfell Recovery12,00010,500010,500
Total Service Costs155,748488,472-333,950154,522
Corporate items including contingency8,8784,88304,883
COVID-19 Recovery Framework08,00008,000
Transfers from Reserves-10,5000-9,421-9,421
Budget Requirement166,593512,592-343,371169,222
Social Care Grant and New Homes Bonus-5,8760-6,876-6,876
Additional COVID-19 Funding00-7,364-7,364
Retained Business Rates (includes Revenue Support Grant)-64,8670-63,890-63,890
Collection fund-5,95502,7392,739
Total external funding-76,6980-75,391-75,391
Council Tax Requirement 89,895512,592-418,76293,831
Council Taxbase97,506  97,001
Council Tax per Band D with Garden Square levies904.76  949.94
Greater London Authority Precept332.07  363.66
Total Band D Council Tax1,236.83  1,313.60
Council Tax per Band D with Garden Square levies921.94  967.32
Greater London Authority Precept332.07  363.66
Total Band D Council Tax1,254.01  1,330.98


The Council tax requirement

The Council Tax requirement after taking into account all income and Government funding is £93.8 million. This is an increase of £3.9 million from 2020/21 broken down as follows:

Budget Change£'000
Inflation and London Living Wage3,247 
Increase in External Funding-222
Service Pressures5,769
Service Savings-11,162
Corporate Budget Reductions-2,504
Reduction in Collection Fund surplus8,892 
Other -84
Total Change funded by increase in Council tax income 3,936 

What the Council spends on

For every £100 of council tax in 2021/22, we will spend £27 on adult social care, £25 on children’s services, £13 on environment and communities related services, £13 on resources and customer services, £8 on housing services and social investment, £7 on London Wide levies, £6 on Customer Delivery and £1 on Grenfell Recovery.


How is it paid for?

Council Tax is just one source of the Council’s income. The chart below shows sources of funding per £100 of income:

For every £100 of income received in 2021/22, £33 is from government and other grants, £16 from council tax, £13 as dedicated schools grant, £10 from retained business rates and government evenue support Grant, £9 from parking income, £8 from rental income, £6 from other fees and charges and £5 from ‘other’ sources.


Looking Beyond 2021/22

The Council has set a balanced budget for the 2021/22 financial year, however there are many challenges ahead. The forecasted budget gap is set to reach £30.5m by 2022/23 due to forecasted reductions in Government funding and increased spending pressures. 

There continues to be increasing spending pressures in a number of key services such as:

  • Children’s Social Care
  • Homelessness
  • Adult Social Care

Our challenge is to continue to provide good quality and affordable public services, while balancing our income and spending.

Budget gap£'000