What we spend

The Council will spend £486 million in 2020/21 on a wide range of local Services, such as social care, the environment and leisure facilities, highways and transport services, education and skills development. This excludes Housing Benefit payments where the costs are fully funded from Government. The budget includes £145m on education and children’s services, £103m on environment and communities, £68m on adult social care, and £12m for the ongoing costs to support the Grenfell Recovery.

The budget also includes £4.9m borrowing costs towards funding the Council’s capital programme of £161m in 2020/21. This is part of a programme totalling £517m from 2019/20 to 2022/23. New capital investment is typically focused around the following:

  • Adult Social Care day care facilities
  • Early Years and the borough’s Children’s Centres
  • Schools
  • Transport and improvements to transport and the street scene
  • Routine maintenance and repairs to the Council’s property estate.

The charts and table below show the full breakdown of the budget.

The Council Tax requirement after taking into account all income and Government funding is £89.9 million.

The Council also collects over £32 million on behalf of the Greater London Authority to pay for London wide services, such as the Metropolitan Police.

Budget Changes£000
External funding reductions318
Growth and Service Pressures10,977
Reduction in Financing Charges-1,222
Other adjustments in total*4,378
Other adjustments in total**2.5
Total change funded by increase in Council Tax income3,442

*Mainly pay and price inflation.

Performance and spending

Our performance and spending plans 2020-21