Your Council Tax and Business Rates for 2020-21 and our performance and spending plans

A letter from the Leader of the Council

Dear Resident

Council Tax 2020/21

Setting a budget is never an easy thing to do. It is about deciding where to spend money, where to cut back, and most importantly making sure your money is being used to fund the things that we all need the most in our borough.

We think we have agreed a fair and balanced budget this year, but times are getting tougher and we envisage having to make savings of around £40million over the next few years.

So, we are busy planning ahead as well as setting the budget for now. We have chosen a modest rise in council tax, maintaining our position as one of the lowest charging authorities in England. We have also raised the amount we are collecting to help fund social care, so that the most vulnerable in our society continue to get the help and support they need.

This budget is our first since the launch of our Council Plan – our four-year action plan for the borough and informed by you, our residents. We consulted over 3,000 people of all ages right across the borough to bring that into action, and it very much informs the budget plans we have put forward this year.

Next year, we will be aiming to consult on our budget more than ever before, giving residents the chance to shape where the money goes, and on which projects and services. Keep an eye on our website, our publications and our social media channels to see how you can take part.                      

Importantly, we remain committed to funding and supporting those affected by the Grenfell Tragedy nearly three years ago, and the previously announced £50m Grenfell Recovery strategy continues to be protected.

We all want a borough that is a great place to live, work and learn, a place that is healthy, clean and safe, and a place that is great to explore and that visitors want to come to, and we want to continue to support our most vulnerable residents.

We have plans to build more homes, invest in improvements and repairs, tackle homelessness, hit antisocial behaviour hard, and continue to build on years of investment in schools and children’s services, which are now the best in the country.

We want this budget to be the start of an ongoing conversation with you, so we can continue to provide the services you want and the support you might need.

Yours sincerely

Elizabeth Campbell signature

Elizabeth Campbell
Leader, Kensington and Chelsea Council


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