Resident reviewers

Resident reviewers are volunteers who have agreed to assist the Council in mystery shopping exercises. This means that they test Council services, usually by visiting or telephoning the Council and asking for help with a made up, but realistic, situation.

Resident reviewer exercises

Resident reviewers have given their feedback on a variety of services and exercises have included:

  • visiting the Council's libraries
  • telephoning the Parking Department
  • assessing standards of street cleanliness
  • emailing the Council's generic contact addresses
  • visiting Council reception points

Reviewers report back on both the positive aspects of a service as well as areas for improvement, in a non-threatening way. Details of completed and planned exercises can be found here:

Reviewers have helped assess a variety of different aspects of Council services, including:

  • time taken to get through to an operator or time waited at reception
  • customer care skills (the way in which residents are treated by staff)
  • staff knowledge
  • the physical aspects of a building/reception area
  • general feedback on what it is like to use the Council’s services

Contact information

If you would like to find out more about the project or are interested in participating (you must live in the Royal Borough) please contact:

Corporate Consultation Team
Telephone: 020 7361 3616 or email at: