The residents' panel

Your Say, Your Council, Your Panel

Would you like the opportunity to give your opinion on the Council's services and local issues?

The Residents’ Panel is currently in the process of recruiting new members. Letters are being sent to 10,000 individuals selected at random from the Council Tax register inviting them to become members of the panel. If you receive a letter, and would like to become a member, please visit our registration page, you will need your unique reference number to join.

The Panel

The Royal Borough's Residents' Panel is a sample of residents, normally around 1,000 to 2,000, which is recruited and maintained over a period of years. The panel members have agreed to take part in consultation activities about a variety of subjects. Because panel members have agreed to take part, councils have found that they achieve higher response rates than for non-panel activities.

What sort of things will panel members be involved with?

Panel members can take part in quick, snapshot polls, answer online questionnaires or get involved in more in-depth discussions. They can also register an interest in taking part in an online focus group. This all means that panel members will be able to decide how involved they want to be. Many of the activities will be online; residents can access the internet for free in the Council's libraries.

It is possible to have your say if you don't have access to a computer but participation in activities online is kinder to the environment and helps keep costs low. You will need the reference number on the letter to register.

Our current members have already helped identify ways in which the Council can improve by giving their views on topics including community safety priorities, recycling, Council initiatives such as City Living, Local Life, and the Council's spending priorities.

How long do local residents stay on the Panel?

We have a rolling programme of recruitment to the panel, which will ensure that no panel member stays on the panel longer than two years. This prevents panel members remaining on the panel for lengthy periods and becoming experts on Council services, as this could lead to the panel becoming unrepresentative of most residents.

We recruit new members to the panel as and when required, in order to ensure that the panel remains at full strength.

Contact us

For more information about the Residents' Panel contact the Consultation and Partnership Team on 020 7361 2402 or email


Members of the Residents' Panel can login here.



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