Exhibition Road

What has changed?

From the beginning of the project we have been committed to making Exhibition Road the most accessible cultural destination in the world.

To improve access for all members of the community, both disabled and able bodied, we have changed the street design, traffic flows and parking arrangements.

The new single surface design is kerb-free with the minimum of street furniture and barriers. Having a less distinct ‘track’ for through traffic encourages motorists to drive more cautiously and slowly, with greater awareness and consideration for pedestrians. It also provides greater flexibility in the way Exhibition Road can be used in the future.

Changes include:

  • a kerb-free single surface
  • no barriers or street clutter
  • a logical street layout with large pedestrian areas
  • visual and tactile lines to distinguish pedestrian areas from those used by vehicles
  • a 20mph speed limit
  • new high quality street lighting
  • a wide and direct crossing in Cromwell Road