Tere Chad

Elizabeth the first

Tere Chad

Queen Elizabeth II Shadow Marionette

'In response to Covid-19 pandemic, 'The Spectacle of the Shadows' short film depicts a post-utopian scenario, where humanity has been extinguished and is facing the ‘judgement of God’ through St. Peter. I handcrafted marionettes for this film using recycled cardboard. These marionettes represent politicians and other figures who have been protagonists during this crisis, in silhouette. The short film features real audio clips mixed with St. Peter’s interview. Among all the confusing declarations of different world leaders, Queen Elizabeth II’s iconic speech, where she says 'we will meet again', is highlighted as one of the most sensible ones during the crisis.'

Tere studied MA Sculpture at the Royal College of Art located in South Kensington and is also a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors located in Kensington and Chelsea.

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