Occupational Therapy Service

Occupational Therapy (OT) Service

Our OT Service is part of the Children with Disabilities Team. We have one full-time and one part-time occupational therapist.


  • support children and their parents/carers to manage everyday activities in their homes
  • recommend specialist equipment
  • recommend ways to adapt homes

The day-to-day activities we can support include:

  • the morning and evening routine
  • sitting at the meal table
  • getting in and out of the building
  • playing
  • managing homework such as advice on appropriate sitting
  • safe washing facilities

How we work

Every family is different and we understand some families can be limited by their housing situation and finances. We will assess your needs and work with you to find the best solution for your circumstances and resources.


If you need specialist equipment in your home, you can hire it from Medequip, a community equipment service.

Read more about Medequip.

Our OT service will:

  • reassess any equipment that's designed to grow with a child
  • identify any equipment that needs replacing if a child outgrows it

Adapt your home

If your family home needs adapting, you will need authorisation from the landlord or property owner, either by the landlord's own adaptation or maintenance service.

If your home needs a major change, you may be able to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG). We can advise you about this during our assessment.

How to access our service

We accept direct referrals from:

  • the child's parent/carer
  • any professional from health or social care

To make a referal:

We will assess all your information and if you're eligible, we will allocate an OT to you within two weeks. 

We aim to assess new referrals within 28 days. Re-assessments may need to be prioritised and seen according to the level of risk.

Last updated: 29 November 2019