Short breaks

Short breaks for children with disabilities

Our short break packages support families in their everyday lives.They provide:

  • opportunities and experiences for children with disabilities
  • a break, or respite, for their families

There are three levels of support packages:

  • children with lower to medium-level needs: non-assessed support
  • children with additional needs: assessed support
  • children with complex needs: panel-approved support

Non-assessed support

Our non-assessed support is for children with lower to medium-level needs.

You can apply directly to St Quintin Centre for Disabled Children and Young People. Support includes all the services that are normally available at St Quintin.

Children with additional needs

Our assessed support is for children with medium to high-level needs.

Before we can provide any extra support, we undertake an assessment which needs to be signed off by an appropriate manager. Assessments can be undertaken by St Quintin staff or the CWD Social Work Team.

Support includes:

  • holiday care and play
  • transport 
  • Homecare and home sitting (up to four hours)
  • direct payments
  • after school care
  • regular Saturday care

Read more about additional needs support.

Children with complex needs

Our panel-approved support is for children with very high-level needs.

To access overnight breaks at the Haven, you will need an assessment by the CWD Social Work Team. The Complex Needs Panel will need to sign off their decision.

Support includes:

  • 3+ days a week of supported holiday care
  • overnight care at The Haven
  • residential care including fostering and special residential care
  • additional support to children in boarding school placements
  • more than eight hours home care or direct payments

Read more about complex needs support.

Appeal a decision

You can appeal a decision by writing to the Head of Service. Your social worker will help you with this. The Head of Service will review your case and make a decision accordingly.

Sometimes we can review your case again with different mix of panel members.

If you are still not satisfied you can make a complaint under the formal complaints process.

Who is eligible?

Children and young people up to the age of 18 with a disability who are substantially affected in their everyday living by one or more of the following:

  • global developmental delay
  • physical impairment
  • profound sensory impairment
  • significantly disabling chronic ill health condition
  • severe communication or language disorder
  • autistic spectrum disorder with communication disorder and developmental delay
  • learning disability
  • a serious life-limiting or terminal illness

Short breaks for children with the following conditions need to be applied for though either the Locality Social Work Teams or their local CAMHS team:

  • high functioning autism and aspergers
  • emotional and behavioural difficulties including ADHD
  • mental health conditions
  • dyslexia and dyspraxia
  • speech and language delays

Under fives

Most children with disabilities under five should have access mainstream services including children’s centres.

If your child has higher level needs or you have exceptional circumstances, you may be eligible for an assessment for a short break.

Make a referral

You can make a referral for:

Short breaks statement

For more information about our packages read our short breaks statement:

short breaks statement [PDF] (file size 103Kb)

Last updated: 29 November 2019