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Sensory equipment

We have a wide variety of toys, games and puzzles available to loan which particularly focus on developing your child’s sensory needs.

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trikeProprioception and Sensory
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To find out more about our Sensory Toy Library either pop in to the centre or call us on 020 8968 2570.

Started in 2015 we will be offering a bus service for our toy library. If you are interested in having some toys delivered for loan please contact the centre. We can arrange boxes of a range of toys to leave with you or specific items specific for the needs of your centre.

Sensory tent

We now have a portable sensory tent available to hire. 

How much it costs

There is a set price of £100 for our entire sensory tent package. You can customise the package for your needs, picking and choosing what you want.  We will deduct £5 from the price for every item that is not required

The package will take two hours to set up and dismantle. We can provide workers for this.  The charge is £30 per staff member to set up and dismantle the tent (two members of staff advised).

We ask for a £50 deposit when you book the package.

Included in our sensory tent package:

Included in each package is a tent measuring 2.5 metres square, with floor pads, and a generator for powering the unit.

The package also includes:

  • a bubble tube with attachable switch pads to change the colours
  • a wheel effects projector
  • 3 metre fibre optics
  • pinspot light and colour wheel
  • a mirror ball
  • coloured cushions for the floor
  • fleece blankets to cover the floor pads
  • a colourful ribbon curtain
  • a selection of sensory toys
  • a floor projector

For more information please contact the centre on 020 8968 2570.

Becky & Judy co-ordinate the hire of the Sensory Tent

Last updated: 29 November 2019