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Housing Allocation Scheme 2017

The Council’s Allocation Scheme has recently been amended. The February 2017 scheme involves the inclusion of one new policy, a number of changes to the previous scheme (February 2014) and some clarifications.

New policy

Right to move provision – policy for applicants who are existing social housing tenants who demonstrate that they must move to Kensington and Chelsea in order to maintain, or take up a proven offer of, employment (section 4.18).

Changes to the previous (2014 Allocation Scheme)

Exceptions to the local residence rule (the rule where applicants have had to live in the borough for three years) (section 1.8)

Raising the cap on savings and capital limits (section 1.10)

Increase in housing points for the highest priority applicants (section 4.2)

Removal of points for applicants at serious risk of harm who refuse suitable offers of accommodation (section 4.5)

Restrictions on points awarded to residents with supporting health and independence priority who make a subsequent successful homeless application (section 4.6)

Possible disqualification for applicants who have deliberately moved into a property which is unsuitable for them on health grounds (section 4.6)

Exemption from the three months’ rule for people required to use a wheelchair indoors living in unsuitable temporary accommodation (section 4.6)

Exchange of respective priorities awarded to supporting health and independence and vacating homes (sections 4.6 and 4.8)

Increase in the priority awarded to tenants whose homes are being redeveloped (section 4.7)

Restrictions on points awarded to residents with overcrowding priority who make a subsequent successful homeless application (section 4.10)

Removal of further priority on overcrowding grounds to statutory homeless households in temporary accommodation (section 4.10)

Determination of priority date (section 5.3)

Stronger penalties for non-homeless applicants who refuse two suitable offers of accommodation (section 7.4)


Allocations through special dispensation (section 1.11)

Fraudulent applications (section 2.2)

Discretionary succession to Council secure tenancies (section 3.1)

At serious risk of harm priority applications (section 4.5)

Vacating homes: under-occupation and mobility transfer (section 4.8)

Properties that meet the criteria for the Mobility Transfer Scheme (section 4.8)

Supporting adoption and fostering (section 4.9)

Terms of contractual duties priority (section 4.11)

Notice of landlord refusal of nominations (section 7.1)

Applicants with pets (section 7.1)

The nomination process and call-offs (section 7.2 and 7.3)

Accessible properties prioritised for households with accessible need (section 7.2 and 7.6)

Direct offers of accessible properties (section 7.6)

Last updated: 23 February 2023