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Barlby Road

Barlby Road New Build

Barlby Road is one of the sites included in Phase 2 of the Council’s New Homes Programme and will provide 83 new homes including 38 homes for social rent and 10 for key workers. The development includes a multi-use sports hall which would give priority use to the pupils of nearby Barlby school. It will also be open to the community after school hours. There will also be a flexible studio unit for hire.

The construction of the development by contractor Hill Partnership Ltd, began in July 2023 and is due to be completed with residents expected to move in by the end of 2025.

Work starts at Barlby

Hear Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith talk about the Barlby Road site and what the development will involve.

Barlby Road questions and answers

What will happen to existing facilities in the area, such as the community garden and shops fronting onto Ladbroke Grove?

The shops and commercial units on Ladbroke Grove will remain unchanged, but the aim is to enhance their outlook by considering the rear elevation in the formulation of the scheme. As outlined in our presentation, the community garden is a key consideration and will be retained and enhanced.

How will the homes be allocated?

The new homes will be allocated via our Housing Register.

Will the new homes be environmentally friendly?

The new homes are to be designed and constructed within the framework set by the Council’s fuel poverty, housing improvement and carbon emission reduction objectives. We have set a target for the Council’s operations to be net zero carbon by 2030 and for the borough to be carbon neutral by 2040. In relation to the design of the homes, emphasis is being placed on sustainability, for example enhanced insulation to reduce fuel bills, heating, hot water sources and careful use of building materials.  

What other facilities/services are you planning to deliver as part of the new homes development, and can we help shape those?

The scheme is providing a Sports England-standard indoor sports facility which will accommodate five-a-side football, tennis, basketball and badminton. The sports facility will be used by the Barlby Schools next door as well as the local community and will be managed by the Council.

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Last updated: 30 November 2023