Social housing in the borough

The number of people in Kensington and Chelsea who need to be rehoused is much larger than the number of properties available to the Council for letting each year. We aim to make sure the properties we have are offered to the people most in need. If you meet the criteria described (see Information on social housing for full details) this page tells you more about your chance of being rehoused and how to contact us and find out more.

However, unless you have a significant need to be rehoused; it is almost certain that you will never be offered social housing.

There are very few social housing properties available in Kensington and Chelsea. The limited amount of lettings over the past eight years is shown in the table below:

Total number of

lettings via the

Housing Register




















The Allocation Scheme aims to make sure properties are offered to the people most in need. Only households that have lived in the borough for at least three years and have a high priority for rehousing can join the Housing Register (the list of people waiting for housing). You must tell the truth on your housing application. Any failure to include relevant information, to hide material facts or to try to get housing through false information will be treated as fraud. The Council treats housing fraud seriously and will take legal action against applicants found to have committed fraud.

If you are accepted onto the Housing Register, you will be awarded a number of points, according to your circumstances. A table showing the number of points allocated is on Number of points awarded and an explanation of terms used page.