Council Apprenticeships

Why do an apprenticeship?

  • Earn while you learn. An apprenticeship is a full time work-based learning programme that combines accredited learning with paid work. Apprentices spend 20% of their paid hours on off-the-job training and learning.
  • Excellent value. We fund your apprenticeship training, which means you can avoid student loans.
  • Degree equivalent. Apprenticeships qualifications range from level 2 (equivalent to GCSE and A levels) all the way up to level 7 (equivalent to Bachelor's or Master's degree levels).
  • NUS Extra card. As an apprentice you can apply for the NUS card and get up to 50% off driving lessons, clothes, travel and lots more!
  • Travel card. You can get an Apprentice Oyster photo card and save 30% off adult-rate Travelcards and Bus and Tram Pass season tickets.
  • Paid holidays. You’ll get paid holidays plus bank holidays.

Who can do an apprenticeship?

Anyone aged 16 or over and not in full-time education. We encourage applications from Kensington and Chelsea; school leavers, care leavers, people with disabilities and people who are long term unemployed.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea offers a range of apprenticeship opportunities. You will have a fixed term contract of a minimum of 12 months, gaining a salary of £14,067 to £18,287 per year while you learn on the job and work towards a nationally recognised qualification.

Types of apprenticeship we offer

  • Business administration
  • Business delivery including project management and data analyst
  • Digital and IT
  • Social care
  • Finance

What do the levels mean in apprenticeships?

Apprenticeship levels and the equivalent levels



Equivalent education level

Advanced3A level
Higher4, 5, 6 and 7Foundation degree and above
Degree6 and 7Bachelor's or master's degree


We want our apprentices to do great, that’s why on your first day you will be matched with a work place buddy and an external mentor. You will also receive support from your team and your coursework tutor.

How to apply

You can check the Council's job vacancies on the career portal page, or the National Apprenticeship Service.