Arts Grants Scheme

About the scheme

The Arts Grants Scheme welcomes applications from individuals and organisations looking to produce innovative and engaging art projects across the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and offers grants of up to £3,000. There is a large demand on this fund, so unfortunately not all applications will be successful.

Please note that we have updated our Guidance and Terms and Conditions. We advise all applicants to read carefully before making an application.

The Autumn 2022 Arts Grants Round is now closed

Thank you to all those who applied; we will be in touch in early December to let them know the outcome of their application.

Autumn Round 2022 Current Projected Timeline

  • Weds 12 Oct- Round Opens
  • Weds 9 Nov- Round Closes 
  • Week commencing 28 Nov- Panel Assessment Meeting

We aim to get back to applicants with the outcome of their application within two weeks of the assessment meeting, but please note that this is subject to change.

We recommend that you read the following documents in preparation for your application:

Arts Grant application guidance

This document explains the purpose of the Arts Grant scheme, and provides guidance notes for completing your application form.

A. Introduction to the Arts Grants Scheme

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea recognises the value of the arts and is committed to supporting artists and organisations to develop high quality arts activities within the borough. The scheme offers grants of up to £3,000.

This commitment is reflected in four key ambitions to:

  1. demonstrate ambition, creativity, and originality
  2. promote collaborative working and build capacity across new and established partnerships
  3. create learning and development opportunities for audiences and participants (which includes artists)
  4. ensure that creative activity is accessible, and supports wellbeing for our residents.
  • There will be a large demand on this fund, so unfortunately not all applications will be successful. These grant guidelines are intended to make sure you and your project idea qualify.
  • First time applicants are advised to read the supplementary information to help you put together your application.
  • Kensington and Chelsea Social Council offer support to voluntary sector organisations, and are able to advise on and proof draft applications. Contact Nada Sallam at [email protected]

The term ‘arts’ includes music, sound, dance, mime, drama, theatre, storytelling, creative writing, poetry, architecture and allied fields, printmaking, installation, circus, carnival, painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography, costume and fashion design, textiles, public art, digital arts, video, new media, film and animation.

B. Eligibility

Who can apply

  • We welcome applications from any of the following who are based in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea:
    • Individuals, aged 18 years and over
    • Professional or Voluntary Arts organisation
    • Community Interest Company (CIC)
    • Charity, Community, Voluntary or Not-for-Profit organisation
    • Youth group
    • Health group or organisation
  • If you are not based in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, you are able to apply provided you submit a letter of support from a local partner organisation as a supporting document (see section C - Declaration).
  • If your application is successful, we require the following documentation:
    • as an Organisation: copies of your constitution or memorandum and articles of association, and your latest annual accounts.
    • as an Individual: confirmation letter from an organisation that can receive the grant award, as we cannot pay grants into a personal bank account.

Who cannot apply

  • We welcome applications from any of the following as partners of projects, but not as the applicant:
    • Schools or educational establishments
    • Any local authority-maintained organisation or departments within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea local authority
    • Commercial companies or profit-making organisations with projects for the purpose of making a profit.
  • We are not able to accept applications from current grant holders or previous grant holders who have failed to return a satisfactory evaluation for the activity funded.
  • Applicants are not permitted to hold more than one Arts Grant award in the same financial year or to receive funding in consecutive rounds.

What we will fund

  • Projects clearly meeting at least two of the four ambitions
  • Projects taking place within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and of benefit to our residents
  • Projects that have a participatory element
  • Artist-based talks
  • Research and development leading to a project that will result in clear public benefit
  • Marketing and promotional material required as part of a project
  • Materials or equipment required as part of a project.

What we will not fund

  • Projects that are for private gain, or result in a profit
  • Projects that have no public benefit for residents of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
  • Projects that do not have a strong arts component
  • Existing website maintenance
  • Study or training fees
  • Activities that promote a particular political or religious view
  • Framing or exhibition mounting costs
  • Refreshments or meals
  • Capital costs
  • Core running costs or overheads, for example utilities, stationery or rent (although up to 10% of your budget can include costs for overheads specific to your application).
  • Loan repayments
  • VAT
  • Budget deficits
  • Endowments
  • Promotional material, videos and online marketing for the applicant in general, rather than a specific project
  • Activities that have already taken place
  • Activities placed in a formal education setting as part of the core curriculum
  • Recurring projects with no development, such as regular workshops, annual festivals/events.

How much you can apply for

  • Individuals and organisations can apply for a grant up to a maximum of £3,000.
  • Amounts anywhere between £500 - £3,000 may be requested
  • The Arts Grants do not cover 100% of project costs. Matched funding is required, at least 10% of the total project costs.

C. Completing the application form

The application is now completed via online form. Please note that you cannot save and come back to the application later. If you do so you will need to start again from the beginning. We recommend that you save your answers on a separate file before continuing to the next section.

The application is divided into the following sections:

About You / Your Organisation

  • Basic information about you and/or your organisation, such as contact details
  • Your organisation or individual status i.e. charity, CIC, Individual
  • More information on the nature of your work, and any recent professional experience that demonstrates your ability to deliver your project.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Monitoring

  • Protected characteristics are captured to help monitor the accessibility of the Arts Grants Scheme, and inform our annual review of activity run by the Arts Service
  • This information is not used in the assessment process

The Project

  • The type of arts activity the project involves
  • Detail on what you are proposing and what you hope to achieve
  • Evidence that demonstrates that there is a need for the project
  • Local organisations you have approached or identified as project partner(s)
  • Detail of your marketing plan and how you intend to promote the project
  • Detail on how you intend to monitor and evaluate the success of the project, such as audience feedback, participant surveys, case studies etc.


Arts Council England provides helpful advice on monitoring and evaluating projects that you can access online.

The Creative and Credible report by the University of West England and arts consultants, Willis Newson provides guidance aimed at evaluating arts and health projects.

Audience, Participants and Location

  • Detail on your intended audience or participants, and if your project is targeted at any specific community, age demographic or gender group etc.
    • Participants are defined as those directly contributing to the contents, organising or delivery of your project, and might include artists, members of the community or organisation staff
    • Audiences are defined as those benefiting from engaging with the end product of your project, e.g. viewing an exhibition, performance or attending an event.
  • The venue or location of your project including a post code and ward name and, if this is not yet confirmed, an indication on what type of venue or space you’re looking for.
  • Applicants intending to base their activities in public spaces (e.g. streets, council parks or squares) are required to contact the Events Team prior to submitting an application at E: [email protected] or visit our website for more information.

Budget- Expenditure; Budget- Income

  • Your budget needs to be separated into two sections: income and expenditure. Both must balance by showing equal totals in each section. If the totals do not balance, you will not be able to progress to the next section.

  • You must show how you have arrived at your figures, for example the number of days you will be employing an artist; or the number of tickets you expect to sell and at what price.
  • Please include the value of any in-kind support, showing this in both the income and expenditure columns to ensure that your budget balances.
  • At least 10 per cent of the total project income must come from sources other than the Arts Grants Scheme; the cost of your time as in-kind cannot exclusively account for this 10 per cent.
  • The income from other sources can take the form of:
    • A grant from another public funding body
    • A grant from a trust or foundation.
    • Sponsorship or donations from a business
    • Your own or another private individual’s contributions.
    • Earned income, for instance sales of tickets, merchandise, refreshments or advertising.
    • In-kind support such as materials, equipment, work or rehearsal space, transport and professional time given free to the project (both artistic and administrative).


Arts Council England provides helpful guidance on recommended payment rates for artists.

While the Musicians’ Union provides similar advice for paying musicians.

The organisation A-N promotes good practice in working with visual artists, including the calculation of fees.

Declaration – Supporting Information

  • If you feel that your application will benefit from supporting information, such as visuals of your work that cannot be accessed on a website, you can upload this as a PDF, the equivalent of two sides of A4. 
  • If you are the lead applicant and are not based in Kensington and Chelsea you are required to submit a letter of support from a local project partner. This should be no more than one side of A4

D. The application process

Applications open:

  • Autumn Round: Wednesday 12 October 2022 (may be subject to change)

Deadlines for applications are:

  • Autumn Round:  Wednesday 9 November 2022 (may be subject to change)

Decisions are typically communicated within 4-5 weeks of the deadline.

Application Process

The Arts Service is supported in assessing every application by an independent Arts Grants Advisory Panel, comprising local artists and arts organisations.

  • • All applications are assessed against the following criteria:
    • Demonstrating clear planning and organisation
    • Incorporating measures to monitor the progress of the project
    • Offering clear means of evaluating the success of the project
    • A viable budget, offering value for money
    • Offering clear benefits to the residents of Kensington and Chelsea.

If your application is successful

  • The Arts Service advises successful applicants by email, comprising: an offer letter confirming the level of funding awarded and whether there are conditions on this allocation; the terms and conditions of the grant scheme; and marketing guidelines for use of the Council’s logo.
  • Once we receive a signed copy of the offer letter confirming agreement to the award and the scheme terms and conditions, along with your constitution or organisation partner documentation, we require we arrange BACS payment of the award.
  • As we are keen to support and promote your project from development to delivery, we ask you to provide us with a clear fully itemised project timeline. Include preparation dates and actions and the actual project start and end dates and times.
  • The grant is paid in full in advance, but we require a completed project evaluation form, including final accounts, within six weeks of the specified project completion date.
  • Failure to return the evaluation form within six weeks of the project completion date may result in ineligibility for future funding from the Arts Grants scheme.
  • Projects must be completed within 12 months of the offer letter date.
  • It is a condition of funding that successful applicants comply with any statutory requirements relating to working with children and vulnerable adults, including valid DBS licenses.

Acknowledging the grant

  • • Successful applicants are required to acknowledge the Arts Grant by using the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea logo on all project publicity materials, including printed and online media.
  • • Successful applicants are required to provide:
    • at least two high quality marketing images
    • promotional write up about the project that can be shared via social media and adheres to the wordcount limits of both twitter and Facebook. Please write in the third person.
    • share clear dates and times for the project along with location.
  • Successful applicants are also asked to connect with the Arts Service social media platforms and ensue cross posting of promotional media.
  • A copy of the logo, guidance on its use and Arts Service social media channels are forwarded as part of the confirmation of funding.

Repayment of a grant

  • Under certain circumstances, we may ask for a grant to be repaid, either whole or in part. These circumstances will vary but may include the following:
    • The applicant ceases to operate, is declared bankrupt, or placed into liquidation or receivership.
    • The applicant fails to use the grant for the purpose for which it was obtained, or fails to complete the project within 12 months of a grant being awarded.
    • The applicant fails to comply with the conditions of the grant.
    • The application form was completed fraudulently, incorrectly or misleadingly.
    • The applicant acts in a manner that is fraudulent or negligent at any time during the period of the grant.
Terms and conditions


  • Your Arts Grant is to be used for the purpose it is awarded, as described in the offer letter.
  • The Arts Service ask to be kept up to date with information about the progress of your project, including set timelines with clear start and completion dates and times, or if the proposed outcome of the project is likely to change in any way.
  • If the grant is for equipment, you are required to produce a copy of an invoice or receipt at the completion of the project.
  • The grant will be paid in full upon receipt of your signed letter of acceptance, and the following documentation:
    • as an Organisation: a copy of your constitution or memorandum and articles of association
    • as an Individual: confirmation letter with bank details from an organisation that can receive the grant award on your behalf, as we cannot pay a grant into a personal bank account.
    • A redacted bank statement (on official headed bank stationary) or a bank card representative of the same bank account listed in your signed agreement. Your name, address and account number and sort code must be clearly identifiable.
  • You are required to complete an evaluation of the project within six weeks of the project completion date. Gathering participant stories and audience data from your project is a vital part of our programme and, failure to do so may mean that you are ineligible for future funding from the Arts Grants scheme. Gathering project data also enables the council to advocate for the continuation of the Arts Grants Scheme each year.
  • All projects must be completed within twelve months of the offer letter date. If you foresee that the project will not be completed within this period, please contact the Arts Service.
  • It is a condition of this grant that you comply with any statutory requirements relating to working with children and vulnerable adults and carry out the necessary Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks before appointing staff to work with children under the age of 18 years and vulnerable adults.
  • The Arts Service recommends that any volunteers involved in your project are recruited and managed in accordance with guidance from the Kensington and Chelsea Volunteer Centre.

Covid-19 Considerations

It is a condition of this grant that due consideration is given to the risk posed to participants and audience members from Covid-19, so you are required to work in compliance with current Government guidance. Please liaise with the Special Events Team in advance of holding any activity in an outdoor public space, and the Film Office, if you are filming in any public space with a crew of five or more.

Grant repayment

The Council reserves the right to require that the grant is repaid, in part or in full, where:

  • you cease to operate, are declared bankrupt, or are placed into liquidation or receivership
  • you fail to use the grant for the purpose for which it was obtained, or fail to complete the project within 12 months of the grant award
  • you fail to comply with the conditions of the grant
  • you completed the application form fraudulently or negligently.

Acknowledging the grant

  • You are asked to acknowledge the grant by using the Council’s logo on promotional and publicity materials for your Project – the logo and guidelines on its use are available from the Arts Service – or in writing by using the phrase Support by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Arts Grants Scheme within any written information about your Project, including press articles and event programmes.

Promoting of your Project and the Arts Grant Scheme

  • The Arts Service is keen to promote your Project and recommends your engaging with the Arts Service social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter by following and tagging on Twitter @RBKCculture and on Facebook/RBKCCulture.
  • The Arts Service requires between three and five high quality images of your Project, along with the following confirmations:
    • photographer credit
    • confirmation of consent and permission of people featured in the images (see GDPR statement)
    • permission to allow the Council to make use of your project details for internal and external promotion (see GDPR statement)
  • If the Council wishes to feature your Project as part of the Arts Grants Scheme’s promotion, the Arts Service will endeavour to inform you beforehand.
  • Please contact [email protected] regarding all of the above.

GDPR statement

To comply with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s commitments under the GDPR and UK Data Protection Act 2018, we require you to ensure the following in relation to any data captured as part of your Project:

  • processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner.
  • collected for a specific and legitimate purpose. It will not be used for anything other than this stated purpose.
  • relevant and limited to whatever the requirements are for which they are processed.
  • accurate, and where necessary, kept up to date. Any identified inaccuracies will be amended or removed without undue delay.
  • stored for as long as required, as specified on our records retention policy.
  • secured with appropriate solutions, which protect the data against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage.
  • For more information about how personal data is processed by the Council.

Invitations & Tickets

  • Where possible and appropriate, the Arts Grants Panel and Arts Service are keen to attend projects funded by the Scheme, so request invitation are shared with the Arts Service at least two weeks in advance of the project start date.


  • Please liaise with the Special Events Team in advance, if your project involves activity in an outdoor public space [email protected] 
  • Please liaise with the Film Office in advance, if your project involves filming in any public space with a crew of five or more [email protected]
  • All grant recipients are expected to be compliant with any re-introduced Covid-19 Government guidance and restrictions. 

Arts Grants Spring 2022 awardees

22 eligible applications were received during the Spring 2022 Arts Grants round. The applications represented creative projects from across the spectrum of Arts and Culture including, theatre, visual art and poetry. The Resident Assessment Panel recommended 11 projects for funding and these projects are listed below. 

Personal Journeys Depicted Through The Visual Arts

Minds United FC/Dr Denise Baker

Visual Journaling project. Using drawings, sketches, hand lettering, doodles, photo’s clippings from newspapers or magazines, individuals can create a highly personal record of their own journey as they undergo and resolve difficulties, struggle with mental health issues, or try to resolve a particular incident in their lives. In this case the project will focus on their personal journey since being part of Minds UTD.

Visit Minds United FC and Dr Denise Baker website for information.

Finborough Frontier

Finborough Theatre

This project is an audio walking tour of Earl’s Court, covering ten famous locations where many artists, musicians and poets lived and died. The tour will be dual purpose, so that it can either be experienced in person, but also remotely, allowing anyone with a digital device to explore the geography and stories of Earl’s Court.

The listener will be able to guide themselves around a digital map of Earl’s Court, clicking on the locations to access the relevant information. The order can be altered by the listener, who can also pause or download the contents. It will be completely free to access, and will remain online for at least ten years.

Visit the Finborough Theatre website for more information.

Green Spaces: A Celebration in Song

Hannah Sandison

Green Spaces: A Celebration in Song is a project that sees collaboration between young poets, composers, singers and a pianist. The applicant has commissioned three song cycles on the theme of parks in the pandemic. One of the song cycle’s has been composed using poetry written by three young writers who won a poetry lockdown competition and describes their experience of green spaces during the pandemic, and the impact on their mental health. Opera Holland Park have offered their venue for the premiere that is due to take place on 1st July, 2022. The concert will include three singers and a pianist.

Visit the Opera Holland Park website for more information.

Changing Perspectives

Jonathan Rees

Changing Perspectives is a fun, interactive, 6-week course exploring how photography can help improve our wellbeing, mental health and connection with others and the world around us. It builds supportive, creative communities who can share their own stories through a democratic and accessible medium.

Visit the Changing Perspectives website for more information.

Moliere/ Je t’aime moi non plus

Marianne Badrichani

In line with the celebrations of Molière’s anniversary across Europe, the applicant has developed a new play to celebrate his works and legacy in Great Britain, in the beauty of its original language, French, with English subtitles. Partnering with the Institut Français, the project will offer London audiences 10 performances at The Chelsea Theatre and the Institut Français (11- 22 May 2022). 

Visit Marianne Badrichani website for more information.

For You (Part 1)

Natasha Langridge

For You (Part 1) is a research and development project to write a site specific play about 17th Century pirates, that will, in future, be performed in Venture's adventure playground before it’s demolished in 2025. The play will drawing from historical maritime research and holding oral history interviews with a group of 12 North Kensington residents who will talk about their feelings of Venture Centre, to weave the feelings of our community into the play and relate this to pirates who saw themselves as freedom fighters.

Visit Natasha Langridge website for more information.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony performance and the workshop

Nishura Ltd

Dressed in a traditional Japanese Kimono, Keiko Uchida will perform the Japanese Match tea ceremony. Audiences will then be invited to take a guest role or host role and enjoy their own performance of the Japanese tea ceremony.  They will get to enjoy the calming effect of traditional Zen ritual while coming together in communality after years of being kept apart. This project of wellbeing and togetherness promotes the concept of ‘ichigo ichie’ (each meeting is a once in a life time event) which is on of the main philosophies of the Japanese tea ceremony.  Keiko believes that if more people practice ‘ichigo ichie’ society will be kinder and individuals will be happier. ‘ichigo ichie’ is a reminder of time is precious to us all.

Visit Keiko Uchida website for more information.

Open Art Market

Open art Spaces CIC

The ethos of Open Art Spaces is accessibility and art for all and this will continue for Open Art Market, ‘a fun art market for non-art people’. The project intends to be a fun interactive experience for all and promises no art work will exceed the cost of £100.

The market will include 5-6 stalls occupied by Morley College creative courses who will be mentored in how to curate and sell their own artwork, Native Spirit Foundation, an organisation supporting the awareness of indigenous cultures and 3-4 individual artists each having their own stall or sharing in small groups.  The market will also include a range of workshops open to all ages and abilities and facilitated by arts professionals.

Visit the Open Art Spaces CIC website for more information.

Trojans UK 2022

Refuge Media Productions CIC

Commissioned by the K&C Festival and working with The Dalgarno Trust and the Rugby Portobello Trust, the Trojans UK 2022 project will deliver two months of weekly drama workshops with refugee participants from across the borough. The aim will be to produce a new adaptation of ‘Trojan Women’ with participants’ stories worked into the play. This is the pilot project for a projected two-year community theatre tour. 

Visit the Trojan Women Project website for more information.

Mini Sparks

Royal College of Music (RCM)

Partnered with Magic Mum’s ‘Stay and Play’ programme and Rugby Portobello Trust, ‘Mini Sparks’ will provide deliver weekly 1-hour sessions in a variety of local community settings. Each session has been designed by the RCM and will be facilitated by one experienced workshop leader and two RCM students focussing on a child-centred approach, placing spontaneous, playful, and creative music-making at the heart of children’s musical learning and encouraging communication through music.

Visit the Royal College of Music website for more information.

Inclusive Workshop Programme for the Local Community 

The Bomb Factory Art Foundation

The project aims to deliver free, creative workshops for young people in the local community including a week of art and poetry workshops, each led by a specialist workshop facilitator who has experience in their particular field. These artists / facilitators are all from The Bomb Factory Art Foundation and have designed a community programme created specifically for young people, aged 10 - 18. This programme is to be run during the early part of the school summer holidays and will provide educational opportunities to over 50 young people from the RBKC.

Visit The Bomb Factory Art Foundation website for more information.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions about the Arts Grants scheme. 

Contact the Arts Service

  • Email: [email protected]
  • To keep up with funding opportunities, arts and culture news, and events in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea email us at:  [email protected] to be added to our mailing list.  

Last updated: 9 November 2022