Holding an event in a public space

Covid-19 update

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and following regulations and guidance from the Government, the Council is required to carefully consider applications for any activity that may encourage people gathering in large groups outside households and support bubbles, in outside spaces.

Changes to the application process

On Friday 4 September the Council’s ‘outdoor event applications service’ will reopen. To ensure the Council complies with Government regulations and guidance the Council will:

  • check the impact the activity could have on the proposed location and the local community;
  • check whether the applicant has completed a risk assessment to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

Risk Assessments

The Events Team will work with Environmental Health, Public Health and other services to review organiser event plans and, alongside the usual checklist, event organisers must now include in their risk assessments information about:

  • how they will maintain social distancing for attendees who are from different households or support bubbles
  • how total numbers of people attending the event are managed
  • the facilities they will put in place before, during and after the proposed event to prevent the spread of Covid-19
  • how they will encourage event attendees to support the NHS Test and Trace service
  • How the event complies with the Government’s Covid19 Guidelines.

The two event space conditions to consider are events in parks and events on streets.

Events in parks

Our parks and open spaces have been kept open throughout this period for members of the public to use for recreational purposes and therefore, parks as a whole will not be considered as venues for the purpose of events; parks must remain open to the public as places for exercise and wellbeing. Parks as venues will be defined by spaces within them that are, by their design, fully enclosed and can be secured to safely manage event numbers. Please contact the Events Team before applying to find out if your event is suitable for one of the Borough’s parks at this time.

Events on streets

Our high streets have changed in response to the pandemic, with the need to facilitate external shop queues, the widening of footpaths and the requirement to ensure social distancing in busy areas. Due to these changes, we need to change our process of facilitating events to meet government and industry guidance and to provide a safe environment for the public. Please contact the Events Team before applying to find out if your event is suitable for the street you are proposing at this time.

If you are considering organising an event, please be aware of lead-in times or application deadlines that need to be taken into account before deciding your event date and that each event is considered on a case-by-case basis.

We recognise that this may be frustrating for event organisers and community groups that many events cannot go ahead at this time. The safety of our residents and staff remains are our top priority, alongside supporting the NHS and care providers, so we will continue to follow the Government regulations and advice on holding events and will regularly review this approach when new guidance is published.

For more information please read the latest Government guidance on the GOV.UK website, as well as their specific guidance for those who work in performing arts.

In addition, there is events industry Covid-19 guidance from the Mayor of London’s Events Office and from the Events Industry Forum on how to keep workers and audiences safe.

We look forward to supporting you with your event in the near future.

If you have any questions, or need help with anything, contact us at:

Email: specialevents@rbkc.gov.uk
Phone: 020 7341 5762

Apply to hold an event in a public place

Lead in times, fees and charges from 1 April 2020


Event guidance

Notice period

Street events and promotions

For promotional activity or other activities with a very low impact, such as a small charity walk with no infrastructure, you must provide at least 10 working days’ notice.

For all other street events we need between 6 and 12 weeks' notice, depending on the location and impact of the event. These are events that include road closures and/or parking suspensions and will have an impact on residents and businesses in the area. For these events you may need other licenses or permissions; we can advise further once we have received your application.

Park events

For small events (under 499 attendees) in a park, we need at least 6 weeks' notice. For events that may need a licence, we need up to 12 weeks' notice.

For larger events (above 499 attendees) involving licensable activities, it may take longer to approve. Licensable activities are activities like sale of alcohol and regulated entertainment.

For more detail on the licensing requirements at events, go to the Events in parks page.

Approval process

We will decide if you can hold your event by looking at the following:

  • Is the event or activity suitable in the proposed location?
  • Will the event or activity be managed safely and under the terms and conditions of the event licence?
  • Has enough notice been given to facilitate the event?
  • Will the event benefit, and be supported by, the community and local businesses?
  • Are there any existing event applications in the proposed location on the same day?
  • Were previous events organised by the event organiser managed well?

Once you have sent your application we will review it and get in touch with you with further information. There may be licenses you need to apply for or other council procedures to be aware of. If you do not reply we will not be able to approve your event. We will write to you to let you know why.

Council permissions can include:

  • Highways
  • Street Lighting
  • Parking
  • Street Trading and Enforcement
  • Environmental Health
  • Licensing
  • Planning

Please note
The Special Events office also charge an administration fee at an hourly rate (currently £104 inclusive of VAT) to cover officer time, general advice, office costs and liaison with other Council officers, if required.
All payments must be made by debit or credit card before the event takes place and before any licences can be issued.
We will accommodate late applications where possible, but a charge of £85 will be applied (any applications submitted late are not guaranteed to be processed and will depend on officer capacity).