Holland Park Adventure Playground

Holland Park Adventure Playground

The playground is open from 7.30am until dusk.

There are toilets in the playground, including a baby change unit and an accessible toilet. There are also toilets in near the toddlers’ playground.

Playground rules

  • The age range of the playground is 5 to 14 years; children must be supervised by an adult and should not be left in the playground unattended.
  • Adults must be accompanied by children when using the playground; adults should not use the playground for exercise or personal training, please use the outdoor gym on the sports field instead.
  • Dogs are not permitted in the playground.
  • Help us take care of the planting by staying out of the fenced areas.
  • Smoking or drinking alcohol is not permitted in the playground.
  • Please use the litter bins provided

Have fun but take care!



Holland Park Adventure Playground reopened in July 2019 after extensive refurbishment.

The playground was redesigned to provide a high-quality play experience linking with the woodland surroundings and improve the drainage of the site, which has previously been prone to flooding.

Some exciting new pieces of equipment include:

  • 25m zip wire
  • 10-person see-saw
  • 10-person dragon swinger

The pathways and bridges are fully-accessible with a wheelchair-accessible roundabout and accessible swings.

The design was created by Erect Architecture in line with the results of a public consultation exercise. 


Sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS) in the playground

In addition to providing a unique play experience the project addresses some of the historic drainage issues, using sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS). These provide a range of benefits over conventional drainage systems, reducing flood risk and increasing biodiversity. SuDS in the playground can be seen through a series of stone channels, berms, and planted areas that will catch the rain and allow it to drain back into the ground reducing the risk of flooding. We also hope this will stimulate children’s curiosity in the natural environment as they can follow the journey of water through the site.

Sustainable urban drainage system

Sustainable urban drainage system


The natural environment

Included in the playground are habitat panels, new planting and rubbing plaques for the newly planted trees, these have all been included to encourage children to engage with the natural environment and help them to understand the benefits of plants and wildlife and the need for spaces and habitat for plants, insects and animals.

This links to the work carried out by the Ecology Centre who run a series of events and educational programmes throughout the year.


Last updated: 22 February 2021