Borrowing, loans and fines

Borrowing, loans and fines

Library closures

For information about library closures and services at this time, please visit the Coronavirus service disruptions and updates page.

  • all library events and activities have been suspended
  • we will be waiving all overdue library charges during this time

Our libraries do offer many free online resources, including eBooks and eMagazines - please see the Online resources and digital library page.

For enquiries please call us on tel: 020 7361 3010 and to contact our Local Studies department, please email:



Once you join the library you can borrow up to 25 items. This can include a combination of:

  • 15 books for three weeks
  • eight audio items for three weeks
  • two language courses for six weeks
  • three DVDs for one week


Children can borrow up to 16 items once they have a library card. This can include a combination of:

  • 12 books for three weeks
  • four audio items for three weeks
  • two language courses for six weeks
  • three DVDs for one week

How much does it cost?

Borrowing books is free.

There is a charge for:

  • borrowing CD, DVDs and language courses
  • other services such as reproducing pictures from our archive

You may be free from some charges or entitled to concessions. Ask a member of staff or email us to find out

Overdue items

If you registered your email with us, we'll send you a reminder email a couple of days before the due date.

If you don't return your items on time, we'll send you an overdue notice:

  • first overdue notice: 14 days after due date
  • second overdue notice: 36 days after due date

The charge for posting overdue notices is £1 (£0.40 for under 18s).

Library fines and charges