Book Break

Book Break is a reading group led by a facilitator with the opportunity for participation and discussion.

Book Break is a reading group with a difference. The groups are led by a facilitator who reads stories and poems aloud. People are under no pressure to read or participate more than they want or are able to. The group stops often to discuss people's immediate thoughts and responses to what has just been read. Tea, coffee and biscuits are also provided. The groups are run by volunteers from The Reader Organisation with the support of the library service.

What do you read in a Book Break group?

Book Break groups read short stories, poems, novels and plays.

Do I have to read anything before coming to the group?

No, all the reading is done within the group so you do not have to read a book in advance.

Who can join a group?

These groups are open to anyone who would like to hear literature read aloud in a small informal group setting. We meet in libraries and other community centres and people from diverse backgrounds benefit hugely from these groups. Because the literature is read aloud, reading ability is not important.

Why does it work?

  • continuity – the group meets every week, most weeks of the year so offers valuable continuity and structure to readers lives
  • inclusivity – everyone is welcome regardless of their ability
  • pressure free – there's no pressure to read aloud or join in discussion - group members control their own involvement by contributing as much or as little as they like, according to their mood and confidence
  • support – while the focus is on the book not the group member, the discussion naturally grows out of shared immediate feelings provoked by the reading material - trust and friendship grow as a result
  • increased self-esteem – wherever possible we tackle books that members might not read alone, increasing member's confidence and pleasure in the achievement
  • relaxation – being read to is very relaxing and pleasurable

How can I join a Book Break group?

Several groups are running in our libraries:

If you would like to come to any of these groups you are welcome to turn up on the day.

There are also groups in other community settings in the borough, more information about these and how you can contact the organisation that runs the Book Break groups is on the Book Break project page.