Adair Tower

Residents were evacuated from Adair Tower in North Kensington after a fire broke out in the block at about 9am on Saturday 31 October.

This was a serious incident which resulted in 16 residents requiring hospital treatment for the effects of smoke inhalation, but all were released on the same day.

After the fire was put out by the fire brigade the building was made safe. All residents, except those who lived on the third floor and those in flats immediately above and below the site of the fire, were able to return to their homes. Residents who were not able to return were informed that if they were not able to stay with friends or family the Council would provide them with temporary accommodation. As a result eight families were housed in hotels in the borough by the Council.

These families will be able to return to their homes in Adair Tower once their flats have been made habitable following the effects of the fire.

It is clear that the emergency services responded quickly to this incident as did colleagues from the KCTMO, our housing department and local ward councillors.  There was a very positive community-response and the local church, Our Lady of the Holy Souls provided shelter and refreshments for residents throughout the day.

Officers from the KCTMO have today contacted all those residents who returned to Adair Tower to check on their welfare and to establish if any further support was required.
The cause of the fire is being investigated by the police and fire brigade.