Kensington Town Hall refurbishment

Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy all Council projects were paused and reviewed for their suitability.

Initially the Council’s focus has been on providing new homes for those affected by the fire.

As a result of this situation a decision was made in October 2017 to drop plans for the Kensington Town Hall refurbishment project.

Kensington Town Hall refurbishment: upgrading dated civic areas and underutilised spaces 

The Kensington Town Hall was built in 1976 and while being an interesting example of brutalist architecture and a fairly sound building structurally, it has not received any significant investments into the fabric and core functionalities of a large part of it – specifically the Civic Reception areas and the Conference & Events Centre.

The quality of the building, by Sir Basil Spence, has stood the test of time; however, there is a general state of wear and tear and the equipment and services are becoming increasingly outdated and difficult to maintain, with large parts of the civic areas giving off a dark, gloomy air. This has an impact on the running of Council business, particularly large Committee meetings and events, and on the bookable conference and events areas and overall experience thereof.

This is why we are proposing to refurbish parts of the Kensington Town Hall through works which will maintain the integrity of the original design of the building, while bringing the facilities and services up to standard for a 21st century public facility. The plans also involve a restructure and rearrangement of some areas to open them up and provide greater opportunities for residents to meet.