School travel plans

TfL's STARS Scheme

STARS stands for Sustainable Travel: Active, Responsible, Safe; and is designed to promote and encourage sustainable travel to and from school, and to improve road safety, air quality and pupils’ ability to travel independently.

The STARS website provides schools with a fantastic platform to easily develop their own travel plans, and lists a range of sustainable travel activities schools can do. Each activity page comes with a description, detailed guidance and links to supporting resources.

What are the benefits of being a STARS school?

Schools that are engaged with STARS can complete activities to build upon their accreditation level to reach bronze, silver or gold. Schools receive accolades and commendations for their work, including an accreditation logo that can be added to the school website and an annual certificate and star that can be placed on a STARS plaque at your school to showcase your yearly achievements.

STARS schools can also attend TfL and borough events, and can use their travel plan for planning applications and access to funding opportunities.

How do we become a STARS school?

If you would like to register onto STARS on behalf of your school, please visit TfL's STARS website. It only takes a moment to set up and doesn’t involve any major commitments. Just let us know when you’ve registered by emailing us at: and we can approve your account.

You will begin as an ‘engaged’ school and then start working towards an official accreditation level. You can contact us to book a travel plan meeting with your borough officer, to learn more about STARS and plan some activities for your school.


Fast-track STARS Activity Guide

If your school is engaged with STARS, you may benefit from our STARS activity guide. This interactive guide highlights a number of easily achievable and effective STARS activities that your school can do to boost its accreditation level.

Each section contains the title of the activity, a link to the official STARS page, and a brief description of what it involves and how it can be combined with other activities to maximise its contribution towards your school’s accreditation level.

By reading the activity briefs, you can quickly determine if your school would be interested in doing it, making it an effective planning tool to help organise activities that your school can do to reach its next accreditation level. Examples of activities are included where relevant, and the activities are also categorised into travel activities, supporting activities and consultations. 


The Royal Borough’s STARS Accredited Schools 2019

Gold Accredited

  • Bassett House School
  • Bevington Primary School
  • Chelsea Academy
  • Chepstow House School
  • Colville Primary School
  • Fox Primary School
  • Frederick Hugh House School
  • Garden House School
  • Hawkesdown House School
  • Holland Park Pre-Preparatory School
  • Holy Trinity CE Primary School
  • Instituto Espanol Canada Blanch
  • Knightsbridge School (Primary)
  • Marlborough Primary School
  • Norland Place School
  • Our Lady of Victories RC Primary School
  • Oxford Gardens Primary School
  • Pangbourne House Primary School
  • Pembridge Hall School
  • Pippa Pop-ins Nursery School
  • SIAL (La Scuola Italiana a Londra)
  • Snowflake School
  • St Charles Catholic Primary School
  • St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
  • Thomas's Kensington
Silver Accredited

  • Glendower Preparatory School
  • Lycee Francais Charles De Gaulle (Primary)
  • Oratory Roman Catholic Primary School
  • Park Walk Primary School
  • St Barnabas and St Phillip's CE Primary School
​Bronze Accredited

  • Ashburnham Community School
  • Avondale Park Primary School
  • Golborne and Maxilla Children's Centre
  • Servite RC Primary School
  • St Mary's Catholic Primary School
  • Tadpole Nursery
  • Wetherby Kensington
  • Wetherby School

  • Barlby Primary School
  • Chelsea Community Hospital School
  • Kensington Primary Academy
  • St Mary Abbots CE Primary School
  • The Laurels School

Last updated: 27 January 2020