Ladbroke Grove Improvements consultation

Consultation on Improvements to Ladbroke Grove

Give us your views on our proposed improvements for Ladbroke Grove by the deadline 15 March 2019.

The Council has been looking at Ladbroke Grove to see where we can make streetscape and road safety improvements. In the course of this review we have identified issues with the existing cycle lanes along the road. Not only are these lanes too narrow, putting cyclists at risk when passing parked cars, but the sharp deviations at the start and end of parking bays make them difficult for cyclists to follow. We are therefore proposing some changes to the road layout on Ladbroke Grove to simplify the cycle lanes and improve safety.

Possible Changes and implications

The current proposals are intended to improve conditions for cycling and to improve road safety.

Due to limited road widths and the need to retain parking it is not possible to provide a continuous cycle lane on both sides of the road. However, we can provide a significant length of wider cycle lane on one side of the road, concentrating on the uphill sections where it would be more beneficial for cyclists. We can also use strategically placed road markings to highlight the presence of cyclists at locations where a dedicated cycle lane is not possible.

Existing parking and loading/unloading arrangements will not be affected. There will be no changes to pavement widths, except for slight extensions to the pavement at zebra crossings to help pedestrians and drivers to see each other and to help shorten the crossing distance. There will be no loss of traffic lanes.

Key features of the design to improve road safety

  • A wide cycle lane on the west side of the road northbound (in the uphill direction) from just north of Ladbroke Grove Underground Station to the zebra crossing at the Southern Row steps. There are a few breaks in the lane (past bus stops) where the road is too narrow to accommodate both the lane and the bus stops.
  • A wide cycle lane on the east side of the road southbound between Cornwall Crescent and Arundel Gardens/Lansdowne Road junction (in the uphill direction).
  • Wide cycle lanes in both directions between Lancaster Road and Cornwall Crescent.
  • Cycle logos on the carriageway where there is insufficient width on the uphill sections for a cycle lane and for the downhill direction, to alert other road users to the presence of cyclists and to help cyclists to choose the best position on the road.
  • Existing zebra crossings raised to pavement level to assist pedestrians and help to reduce traffic speeds.
  • Existing traffic islands removed to provide enough road width for the cycle lane.
  • Additional improvements to the zebra crossing near the Southern Row steps with extensions to the pavement to help pedestrians and drivers to see each other and to help cyclists take up the best position on the road.
  • Improvements to existing entrances to side roads (build-outs and raised tables) and the construction of new raised tables at 13 side road junctions to help reduce the speed of traffic joining and leaving Ladbroke Grove.
  • Improvements to the roundabout at the junction with Barlby Road.

Before proceeding further, we would like to hear your views. To have your say, please fill in the online survey by Friday 15 March 2019. 

Complete the survey

For further information, please contact or call 020 7361 2802.

What happens next?

The results of the consultation will be presented to the Lead Member for Streets, Planning and Transport and the Director of Transport, Highways, Parks and Leisure who will then make a decision on whether the proposed changes should be implemented.

Ladbroke Grove proposals

Ladbroke Grove consultation - schematic layout