Managing traffic

Managing traffic in the borough

We are one of the smallest boroughs in London yet the most densely populated local authority area in England and Wales. This creates heavy traffic that need careful management.

We are committed to:

  • reducing traffic congestion
  • improving safety and well-being
  • encouraging active and sustainable modes of travel

Our approach to traffic management includes:

  • offering a range of cycling incentives
  • working with local schools and businesses to develop their travel plans
  • supporting car clubs
  • encouraging electric vehicle use



Parking is an emotive issue in central London. Our dedicated parking team ensures our parking system is fair to everybody. We review our parking and loading restrictions in response to requests from residents and businesses. Sometimes residents ask us about extending the controlled parking hours in their area. We have a process to deal with these requests efficiently and fairly.

Full details and reasoning behind this process can be found in this report:


Read about latest changes in our Traffic Management Orders.


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If you have any concerns or suggestions about traffic in the borough contact us at [email protected].


Last updated: 16 March 2020