Travel plans

Over the past 30 years, car usage in the UK has grown rapidly. Road traffic has increased by 88 per cent since 1980. As people continue to drive more, levels of physical activity have decreased. Transport contributes 15 per cent of CO2 emissions in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and is the largest contributor to air pollution.

School travel plans

In the 1960s and 70s the majority of children either walked or cycled to school. Since the 1980s, the proportion of children travelling to school by car has increased considerably. This change in travel patterns has had a massive impact on children’s health; obesity levels have also almost doubled since 1995. It is therefore vital that we work towards increasing the number of children travelling to school on foot, by bicycle or scooter. Working in partnership with our Healthy Schools Team, we now have travel plans in place in all our schools and have already seen the difference they can make.

See our School Travel Plans.

Workplace travel plans

We offer a free advice service for businesses in the Royal Borough. We can help you identify ways to save costs and improve travel for your employees.

Addressing the transport issues across your organisation makes good business sense:

  • cost savings for your business: effectively managing your organisation's journeys will reduce costs like staff expenses, car park charges, Congestion Charging and fleet management costs, saving your organisation money and time
  • a more attractive employer: providing and encouraging travel options will help you improve staff retention and recruitment
  • achieve carbon reduction
  • enhance your environmental credentials by being part of the solution that will make a local and global difference
  • a healthier, more productive workplace: walking and cycling will improve the motivation, health and fitness of your employees - this improves productivity and reduces sickness absence
  • be an employer of choice: demonstrating your commitment to corporate social responsibility, you'll build a better reputation with staff, key stakeholders and your local community.

Sustainable Travel Infrastructure

We can provide your business with free cycle parking. This can be installed either on your own premises or on the nearest pavement space to your business. For workplace travel advice please call us on tel: 020 7361 4259.

To support your staff travelling actively to work, you’ll need to make sure your building is up to scratch. We can help you to install new showers, new cycle parking or lockers for staff. We can also help you address issues of safety outside your premises by looking at the lighting and CCTV provision.

Marketing Support

Once you have everything in place to support your staff travelling actively, we can help you to market walking, cycling or even running to work. We can provide you with giveaways for staff, maps to help them get around the Royal Borough, and support when you create your marketing campaign.

For information on any of these services contact the Workplace Travel Team on tel: 020 7361 2521.