Travel plans

Traffic and air pollution

People are increasingly dependent on their cars. The more we drive, the more carbon dioxide our cars produce and the less active we become.

Transport contributes 15 per cent of carbon dioxide emissions in the borough and is the largest contributor to air pollution. We want to change that.

School travel plans

Since the 1980s more and more children are travelling to school by car. This affects children’s health with obesity levels almost doubling since 1995.

We are committed to encouraging more children to travel to school on foot, bicycle or scooter through implementing travel plans.

Working in partnership with our Healthy Schools Team, we already have travel plans in place in all our schools

Read about school travel plans.

Workplace travel plans

We offer a free advice service to local businesses to encourage healthier and more sustainable ways of getting to work such as:

  • walking
  • cycling
  • running

We do this through:

  • providing free cycle parking on your premises or on the nearest pavement space to your business
  • supporting active travel by helping you install new showers and lockers for staff, or advising you on outside lighting and CCTV
  • providing marketing materials and support to help you encourage staff to get involved

Encouraging active ways of getting to work can:

  • reduce costs such as staff expenses, car park charges, congestion charging and fleet management costs
  • help reduce polltion in the borough
  • help you become an environmentally conscious employer
  • create a healthier workplace with increased productivity and less sickness absence

Contact us

To find out more about our services contact the Workplace Travel Team 020 7361 2521.

For workplace travel advice call 020 7361 4259.