Apply for a suspension

How much notice you need to give

Spring Bank Holiday notice periods 
Submit application before 3pm on: For resident bays on: For pay-by-phone bays on:
Monday 16 May 2022 Sat 28, Sun 29 and Mon 30 May 2022  
Tuesday 17 May Tuesday 31 May  
Wednesday 18 May Wednesday 1 June  
Thursday 19 May Sat 4, Sun 5 and Mon 6 June  
Friday 20 May Tuesday 7 June  
Monday 23 May Wednesday 8 June  
Tuesday 24 May Thursday 9 June  
Wednesday 25 May Friday 10 June  
Thursday 26 May Sat 11, Sun 12 and Mon 13 June  
Friday 27 May Tuesday 14 June  
Monday 30 May Wednesday 15 June Wednesday 1 June 2022
Tuesday 31 May Thursday 16 June Sat 4 and Mon 6 June
Wednesday 1 June Friday 17 June Tuesday 7 June
Thursday 2 June Bank holiday Bank holiday
Friday 3 June Bank holiday Bank holiday
Monday 6 June Sat 18, Sun 19 and Mon 20 June Wednesday 8 June

You must tell us in writing before you apply for a suspension.

Outside of the above period, we require:

  • ten working days notice in writing to suspend a resident parking space 
  • two working days notice in writing to suspend a pay-by-phone bay

Working days apply from Monday to Friday, and don't include holidays or bank holidays.

We must receive your application before 3pm to accept it for that day.

There needs to be one clear consecutive week between the dates required for a suspension for a second application to be treated as a new application and incur the lower charges.

Details are outlined in our notice period chart:

If you are applying for a suspension for filming we need longer notice.

Find out about filming in the borough.


Apply for a suspension

Apply online.

You can also apply by application form. Return your completed form by:

These documents are not currently accessible but will be replaced by accessible versions by 1 May 2021.

You can phone 020 7361 4385 to request a form.


Application process

We will check your completed form and contact you if there is a problem.

If your application is unsuccessful we will call to explain why.

If your application is successful and we have received payment, we will send you written confirmation.

Please keep this letter safe as it will have details of the suspension and phone numbers you might need if vehicles obstruct the suspended bay or bays.

If you need more information or don’t receive this confirmation please call us 020 7361 4385.


Complaints and changes

If we receive any complaints about how you are using the suspended bay, we will investigate and could withdraw the parking suspension.

If you have booked a suspension, you must email us at about any changes to your booking immediately.



If you need to renew your suspension you must tell us in writing by 3pm on the day before the suspension ends. If you do not, the bays will return to general use and you will have to reapply and will need to give the required notice period before the suspension starts again. Suspension renewals are subject to availability.

Last updated: 13 May 2022