Blue Badge Scheme

The National Orange Badge Scheme began in 1971, but has now been replaced by the European Blue Badge Scheme. This new scheme gives national parking concessions for drivers and passengers with severe disabilities. These badges are issued to people with a physical disability, or those who are registered as blind, and need to be able to park close to their destination.

However, because of the serious parking problems in central London, the Secretary of State for Transport decided when the scheme was introduced that these concessions would not apply in:

  • the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
  • the City of Westminster
  • the City of London
  • part of Camden south of Euston Road

Therefore; we and these other boroughs have set up special disabled badge schemes. You can apply directly to these other boroughs for details of their own schemes.

Parking concessions for European blue badge holders

Use your blue badge to park as directed: