Residents' parking permits

Doctors parking permits and bays

New applications
From 1 April 2023 we are no longer offering new Doctors parking permits.

Eligibility to renew a Doctor’s parking permit

If you already have a Doctors' parking permit you will be able to renew it. Your permit allows the same parking privileges as residents' permits, and are priced the same. Visit the Residents' permit charges webpage.

To qualify for a renewal of a doctor’s parking permit you must: 

  • be a legally qualified general practitioner (GP) with your own list of patients, or an assistant or trainee GP 
  • you will need to provide an insurance indemnity document showing that you spend at least three quarters of your time as a general medical practitioner. 
  • you must provide most of your medical services, including a full time emergency service, from a practice in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.
  • you must keep regular surgery hours on weekdays and weekends and be likely to be called away from the practice to deal with emergencies.
  • You must already hold a doctor’s parking permit or be the confirmed recipient of a transferred doctor’s parking permit. 
  • you must be the main user and keeper of the vehicle and be able to drive it legally in the UK.

Renew a Doctor’s parking permit

Doctors permits are valid for one year and we will review your need for a permit every time you apply for a renewal. For more information and full terms and conditions see our Doctors Parking Guide.

Renew online 

Renew a doctor's parking permit


Renew by post

Fill in the appropriate form and return it to us by post or in person. For more details please see 'Renew a parking permit'. 

Doctors Parking Bays

We are not accepting any new applications for either a Doctors Parking Bay or for a new Doctors Parking Bay permit from 1 April 2023. You can only apply to renew an existing Doctors Parking Bay permit.

A doctors' bay permit costs £375 a year. We charge £19 to renew any existing additional doctor’s bay permit.

If you no longer need your permit or are no longer eligible for it you must return it to us. We will only refund for the period of time left on the permit from after all permits relating to the Doctors' Bay are returned to the Council and we will deduct an administration charge from any refund due.

Renew online

Renew a doctor's parking bay permit


Renew by post

Fill in the form and return it to us by post or in person. For more details please see 'Renew a parking permit'. 

Last updated: 2 April 2024