Renew a resident's parking permit

Renew your permit

We will write to you when your parking permit is due for renewal.

Renew online

If you are eligible to renew your permit online, we will tell you in your renewal letter and include a PIN (personal identification number).

If you have not received our letter or you have lost it, you can request a duplicate PIN if we have a record of your email address. To do this, choose the “send email PIN reminder” option once you entered your parking permit reference.

If you haven't told us your email address, you will need to apply in person or by post.

Before you renew your permit online make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.

Renew your parking permit.

You should receive your new permit within 5 working days.

Other ways to renew your permit

If you can't renew your parking permit online you can do it:


Residents' permit application form