Cost of fees

The Royal Borough is increasing the charges for suspending a parking bay from 1 April 2021.

The suspension fee is chargeable per day and per space, with fees increasing to discourage long term suspensions. The new fee per space will be £58 for each of the first 5 days, then £87 daily from day 6 to day 42 and £116 daily from day 43 upwards.

Further information about parking suspensions and how to apply, is available on the Parking suspensions page.

Skip licence, highway licences and dispensation fees

Please note that the application fees for a highway licence, skip licence or a renewal must be paid for each period requested.

The fees from 1 April 2021 are:

Skip licence
  Fee per application Min. licence period

Max. licence period

Builders skip licence       £123 1 day 3 months    

From 5 August 2021, there is a non-refundable admin charge per licence for holding onto a deposit. 

Highway licences
  Fee per application Min. licence period Max. licence period Non-refundable, deposit holding admin fee (applies from 5 August 2021)
Temporary Structure licence £282 1 day 3 months  £54
Plant and Materials licence £282 1 day 3 months     £54

Please note that all fees apply per application per period requested.


All suspension charges and deposits are in addition to the above.

From 5 August 2021, a non-refundable admin charge applies per licence for holding a deposit as security. 

We issue these licences, and skip renewals, for any period (1 day up to a maximum of three months) per application. 

Yellow line dispensations are charged daily on the same basis as a suspension fee and must be paid for on approval.

Last updated: 28 July 2021