Streetscape Guide

Streetscape Guide

The first edition of the Streetscape Guide was published in 2004. It was subsequently revised in 2012.

This guide consists of two parts:

Part one introduces the concept of streetscape and explains the policies and standards adopted by the Council. It outlines the Council’s streetscape approach to design and deals with the individual elements of streetscape design and their application in traffic schemes.

Part two contains detailed guidance including detailed specifications and typical details to assist in the design of schemes that will comply with the Council’s streetscape policies.

Part 1

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Signs and Road Markings

Chapter 3 - Ground Surfaces

Chapter 4 - Street Furniture

Chapter 5 - Traffic Schemes and Traffic Management Measures


Part 2

Part 2 - Traffic Signs and Road Markings

Part 2 - Ground Surfaces

Part 2 - Street Furniture

Part 2 - Traffic Schemes and Traffic Management Measures

Part 2 - Appendices