Athlone Gardens

Please note no barbeques are permitted in the park.

Athlone Gardens - consultation on the new park design

We are pleased that part of Athlone Gardens has been handed back to us. We want to start working with you on the future vision for both this part, and the park as a whole, when it is fully returned. 

We will focus on some elements as soon as possible, such as tree-planting, ensuring residents can see a benefit before the full park is finally finished, and we now begin asking for your views.  

We will then undertake more detailed consultation on all the ideas generated at the fact-finding stage, providing options for the new park.

From spring 2024 we will appoint a landscape architect/designer who will work with the community to design the final park, based on the consultation feedback.

If you would like to provide your ideas for the park please email [email protected] or look out for further updates in the park or on this webpage.

Consultation reports

In late 2020 we ran a consultation on the existing dog agility area and its relocation at Athlone Gardens. Residents and park users gave us their views on the existing area and voted on its relocation.

Results at a glance:

  • Most people ‘agreed’ that the Dog Agility area benefits Athlone Gardens
  • Many people ‘disagreed’ that the park should become ‘dog on lead only’ if the Dog Agility area is improved
  • Most people would like to see a larger Dog Agility area located away from the playground.

The results of this consultation will now be used as a basis for relocating the dog agility area within the park.

Download the full consultation report:

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Last updated: 4 January 2024