Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL)

Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL)

What is NCIL?

A portion of the Community Infrastructure Levy is to be spent on local priorities; this is called Neighbourhood CIL (NCIL). There is currently about £2.9 million of Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) funds. This is a fund the Council collects from developments and is required to be spent in consultation with local communities. Residents’ views were sought on community priorities to guide the allocation of NCIL funds between February and March 2020. The consultation responses have established community priorities to guide the allocation of NCIL funds. These were adopted by the Council as part of the NCIL Community Priorities document in June 2020.


NCIL community priorities

The consultation established the following priorities for the next two years:

  • Air Quality
  • Policing resources and Emergency Services
  • Parks and Open Spaces
  • Streetscape
  • Community Safety


How much money is available?

There is currently £2.9 million of NCIL funds, collected by ward/neighbourhood plan area. The amount of funds available within each ward or neighbourhood plan area will vary depending on the amounts of CIL collected in that area. See the neighbourhood planning page.


WardTotal available
(remaining NCIL plus redistributed top slice of £39,572)
Brompton and Hans Town£242,980


Chelsea Riverside£150,842
Dalgarno (outside of St Quentins and Woodland NP area boundary)£39,572
Earl's Court£52,910
Norland (outside of Norland NP area boundary)£39,572
Notting Dale (outside of Norland NP area boundary)£49,017
Queen's Gate£58,788
Royal Hospital£63,605
St Helen's (outside of St Quentins and Woodland NP area boundary)




Neighbourhood Plan Areas 
St Quintin and Woodlands Plan area£30,000
Norland Neighbourhood Plan area£57,462


How do communities apply for NCIL funding?

Residents, local community groups, residents’ associations, registered charities, infrastructure providers and charitable companies may apply for NCIL funding.

The application form and accompanying guidance note is available on the Planning Policy Consultation page.

A Call for NCIL Projects is open between 24 June to 19 August inviting projects to be put forward for NCIL funding. Please submit your project funding application forms by the closing time of 11:59pm on 19 August 2020.

All projects will be reviewed and considered for funding by Ward Members.

The Call for NCIL Project funding will be open twice a year from 2021.

The NCIL community Priorities document provides more detail on what NCIL can be used for and how to access the fund.

NCIL Community Priorities

NCIL Summary

Poll Analysis

Poll Consultation Schedule

Inovem consultation schedule

Equality Impact Assessment