How to make a planning application

Considering an application

When we receive your application

Once we receive your application we will:

  • register and acknowledge your submission
  • assign a planning officer to be your case officer

Your case officer will:

  • keep in contact with you via email
  • coordinate consultations, site visits and negotiations
  • review planning policies and make a recommendation to the Director for Planning and Place

If you need to speak to a planning officer call PlanningLine on 020 7361 3012.

Site visits

We'll visit the site before we make a recommendation. We'll contact you to view the site if it isn't visible from a public area. If a site visit isn't required we'll let you know.

Sometimes we need view the site from neighbouring properties and we'll make the necessary arrangements directly.

Revisions to planning applications

Sometimes case officers ask for revisions to proposed plans to make a scheme acceptable. There is no statutory requirement for revisions but we accept them in some circumstances where time allows. 

If this happens, we'll give you a set time period to provide amended drawings. If the case officer recommends substantial revisons, we'll give you the opportunity to withdraw your application and resubmit it in an amended form.

Public consultations

Most planning applications are subject to some form of public consultation, depending on the type and scale of the application.

Read our guidance on publicity for planning applications.

Sign up for alerts on applications in your area by creating an account on MyRBKC.

How to comment on an application

We publish the majority of planning applications on our website.

Search for a planning application.

We normally allow three weeks for comments on planning applications so you'll need to make sure to contact us during this period.

You can comment on an application:

  • online using the public comments form found on each live planning application
  • in person at the Town Hall
  • by email [email protected]
  • by post to the Town Hall address

Please include the reference number of the application and your full postal address.

Commenting on revised applications

Sometimes applicants withdraw an application and resubmit a similar scheme. You will need to comment again on the revised scheme because we review applications separately.

If we receive amended drawings for a scheme, we'll let all interested parties know and provide more time for comments on the revised proposals. We generally don't consult on amended drawings although the case officer makes the final decision on this.

Material planning considerations

Everyone has a right to express their view on an application, although not all concerns will determine if an application will go through.

Concerns that we will consider are called material planning considerations. These include:

  • loss of light
  • loss of privacy/increase in overlooking
  • design/appearance of a development
  • increase in smells such as from a proposed restaurant
  • noise from equipment that forms part of the development such as air conditioning units or extractor flues

Non material planning considerations are issues that we don't consider. They include:

  • loss of property value
  • land ownership or issues affecting the party wall (these are dealt with under separate legislation)

Other possible approvals

Read about other possible approvals.



Last updated: 23 February 2023