How to make a planning application

Planning decisions

Refusals and appeals

Explore your options if we refused your application.

Approval of details reserved by condition

Most planning approvals contain some planning conditions. These ensure unacceptable developments can be approved subject to certain criteria.

Construction Traffic Management Plans (CTMPs)

If you have a condition on your planning approval requesting a Construction Traffic Management Plan, use our template to help discharge the condition.

Amendments to an application

If your application has been approved and you want to make changes to the scheme, you can apply for amendments to the development.

Post application advice

We offer advice post determination to help meet imposed conditions, particularly for larger or complex developments.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

There are certain important statutory responsibilities for person(s) liable for CIL.

Planning enforcement

If you think a development isn't following approved plans, our planning enforcement team can help.

Copies of determined plans and decision notices

Plans and decision notices are available at the Town Hall and on the website.

Last updated: 23 February 2023