Prince Philip - Duke of Edinburgh

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It is with deep sadness that the Council and residents have learned of the death of His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh.

The death of His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Public Houses and Local Character Review: Submission

This page is for reference only. Please visit the main policy webpage for the most up-to-date information.

On Thursday 31 January 2013 the Council submitted two draft policies to be included in the Core Strategy to the Secretary of State for examination. These policies related to resisting the loss of public houses and other facilities which make life local, and one relating to character and use.

On 12 July the Council received the Inspector's report which confirms that the two planning policies put forward by the Council have been found sound subject to some amendments suggested by the Council. These are for the protection of public houses and other uses which make life local, and for the use of a property to be assessed as to whether it contributes to the character of a conservation area. The Inspector's covering letter and report are below:

Inspector's covering letter [PDF] (file size 119Kb)

Inspector's report [PDF] (file size 350Kb)

The following documents which had been submitted as part of the Regulation requirements and evidence base are still available to read.  

Submission Document List

1.    Issues and Options document (March 2012)

2.    March 2012 SEA Scoping report

3.    June 2012 Sustainability appraisal report

4.    An Equalities Impact Report for each of the draft policies

5.    Schedule of representations and Officer’s response at Issues and Options stage including notes of workshop meeting

6.    Local Development Scheme 2012

7.    List of numbers consulted at each stage of consultation and in what form

8.    Draft policies document (June 2012)

9.    Policy Formulation Report

10. Schedule of representations and Officer’s response at draft policies stage

11. Pre-Submission document (September 2012)

12. Statement of Representation Procedure

13. Guide to making Representations

14. Statement of Consultation

15. Letter for each consultation giving details

16. Copy of adopted Core Strategy (December 2010)

17. Adopted Core Strategy Proposals Map

18. Schedule of representations and Officer’s response at pre-Submission stage

19. Regulation 22c consultation report setting out principal responses

20. Copies of representations received at Regulation 20 stage ( viewed electronically as part of document 18)

21. Document setting out recommended changes since Publication stage

22. Conservation and Design Draft policy for public consultation (December 2012)

23. Copy of report to full Council approving submission and minutes of meeting (December 2012)

24. Statement of Community Involvement (December 2007)

25. PAS Legal compliance checklist

26. PAS Soundness compliance checklist

27. Letter of submission

Other evidence

28. Annual Monitoring Report 2011

29. Annual Monitoring Report 2012

30. Map showing public houses lost/gained since 1980

31. Information on latest house prices in the Royal Borough

32. Table of planning applications involving public houses since December 2010 (Core Strategy adoption)

33. Copies of 5 recent appeal decisions in the Borough relating to public houses