Miscellaneous Matters Review: Submission

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The ‘Miscellaneous Matters’ policy review included a general updating exercise of the Core Strategy to ensure that the text reflects the latest Government policy in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and other evidence based documents.

It also deals with other Unitary Development Plan policies being incorporated into the Core Strategy, such as servicing, temporary sleeping accommodation and embassy location within the Borough. The relevant Core Strategy replacement to the current EcoHomes Very Good standard in terms of BREEAM for refurbishment is also dealt with.

Responses on the publication consultation of July / September 2013 can be found on the Planning Policy Consultations webpage.

The following submission policies were submitted to the Secretary of State on the 29th April 2014:

Document RefName
MISC 01Miscellaneous Matters Submission Planning Policy - April 2014
MISC 02Miscellaneous Matters Submission Planning Policy Recommended changes - April 2014
MISC 03Consultation Statement to meet with Reg 22 (c) (v) and (vi)
MISC 04Responses to Publication Consultation
MISC 05PAS Legal Compliance Toolkit
MISC 06PAS Test of Soundness Toolkit
MISC 07Monitoring Indicators (Common Doc)
MISC 08Full Council Meeting Minutes (June 2013)
MISC 09Policy formulation report
Document RefName
MISC 10Miscellaneous Matters Publication Policy
MISC 11Response Form
MISC 12Statement of Representation Procedures
MISC 13Sustainability Appraisal (SA/SEA)
MISC 14Core Strategy Screening Assessment
MISC 15Consultation Responses
MISC 16Policy Formulation Report
Document RefName
MISC 18Miscellaneous Matters Draft Policy (CR7 and CE1)  March 2013
MISC 19Response Form
Document RefName
MISC 20Miscellaneous Matters Draft Policy Dec 2012
MISC 21Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report
MISC 22Evidence Base for Basements and Policy CE1: Climate Change, Eight Associates

Common Submission Documents: These documents are relevant to the submitted policies on Basements, Conservation and Design and Miscellaneous Matters.