Kensington and Chelsea is divided into 18 neighbourhoods, or wards, each represented by two or three elected councillors. Each ward that takes part in City Living, Local Life has a budget of up to £20,000 (£14,000 for the wards with two local councillors).

The funding is there to act as a source of help to get projects started, to contribute towards small one-off events or to act as match-funding from other sources. 

You can read up on what sorts of projects have been funded by viewing our annual reports. For a full list of what has been spent in wards, visit our ward spending webpage

Applying for funding

Before you apply for City Living, Local Life funding, there are a number of things we recommend:

  • Read our guide “How to Start Something Good” and ensure your have considered everything you need to make a successful application including demonstrating why your project needed, showing costs of the project and considering timescales of the project.
  • Each area of Kensington and Chelsea is unique, and so are the approaches taken by different ward councillors and the sorts of projects supported. You could approach your local councillors first to understand their interest in your proposal, as they will ultimately decide which projects get funded.
  • As part of the application you will need to provide the name of the ward in which you are delivering your project in. You can find out the name of the ward by entering your postcode on the homepage.

How to apply

Before applying for funding please read the City Living Local Life Funding Conditions.

When you are ready to make an application:

  • Please ensure you answer all the sections with as much detail as possible to enable councillors to reach an informed decision.
  • You will be able to submit supporting documents such as quotes for items using the online application form.
  • Before you submit your application, you will be able to save your application and return to it at a later point, if you wish. Upon submission, you will not be able to amend your application.
  • If you are applying in Golborne ward, please ensure you consult the Love Golborne funding criteria before applying.

Start an online application >

If you require the application form in another format, or have any questions about the application process, please get in touch.

What happens next?

  • Once your application has been submitted, officers will share it with ward councillors.
  • If officers or councillors have any follow up questions, prior to the decision being made, you will be contacted to offer further information on your application.
  • City Living, Local Life runs throughout the year, and we aim to process each application as soon as possible.
  • We will inform you of the decision made on your application by using the contact information you have provided.
  • If you are successful and have not previously received funding from City Living, Local Life, we will contact you for payment arrangements.

Post project evaluation

If you are successful in your application, there are a few things we need from you in order to help ensure that City Living, Local Life remains a thriving, transparent and accountable programme. This includes recording your project expenditure and reporting how the project has met your aims by completing a short evaluation form.  Details of this process will be provided upon confirmation of your successful application.