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What do we mean by ‘eat happy’?

It’s all about cooking, growing and enjoying fresh healthy food to make sure our body and mind get the nutrients they need to help us feel good.

We all receive so many different messages from different people, places and adverts about what we should and shouldn’t eat that it can get really confusing. Really it’s just important to try and stick to a few simple tips. This means eating a good variety of different foods including plenty of fruit and veg, drinking lots of water, and not eating too much sugar, salt and fat. It’s also about eating the right amount to keep your body in good shape by keeping a check on portion sizes and the number and type of snacks we eat.

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Information and tips for growing fresh fruit, veg and herbs in even the tiniest of spaces.

Information about local cooking clubs and ideas for healthy recipes.

Shopping tips and where to find fresh healthy food in and around Golborne.

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