Fruit and veg pops up in Golborne!

Pupils at schools in Golborne have been treated to a fruit and veg surprise to help them complete the Go Golborne 5 A DAY 20 Day Challenge. Upon leaving school for the day, pupils were delighted to find pop-up stalls in their school halls offering a range of wonderfully presented and free fruit and veg.

The stalls displayed fruit and veg of many kinds bursting from giant pizza boxes and french fry-style packets to tempt the children into a healthy after-school snack. Children were also encouraged to play ‘guess the veg’ and ‘spot the difference’ games while they snacked. As well as helping children complete the 5 A DAY 20 Day Challenge, the initiative, courtesy of local food education organisation The Food Explorers, was designed to encourage healthy snacking habits and show how fruit and vegetables can make a delicious, quick and healthy snack.

The schools that hosted a stall included Barlby, Bevington, Ark Brunel, St Charles, St Marys and St Thomas’ and each event saw queues of excited children happily chomping away on their healthy snacks. Parents who attended the event were amazed to see their children so eager to eat the snacks, with one saying “‘I never thought I’d see my daughter eat raw broccoli” and another commenting “all these activities have really inspired my girls to eat more healthily.”

This initiative was funded in partnership with the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation with the fruit and veg donated by Whole Foods Market Kensington, so a big thank you to them and The Food Explorers for their efforts.

Fruit and veg pizza box