Snack challenge a tasty success! 

Golborne rises to the Change4Life Healthier Snack challenge

Over the February half-term Go Golborne encouraged families to take part in a healthy snack challenge that forms part of a new Change4Life campaign to promote healthier snacks.

Local schools, Children’s Centres and community organisations got behind the campaign and organised lots of activities to raise awareness of the fact that over half the sugar that children eat comes from sugary snacks and drinks, and that by making simple changes when it comes to snacking we can help to protect children from serious health problems.

The campaign challenged families to try a different healthy snack every day for seven days, sticking to the following guidelines:

  • When choosing packaged snacks for your children, use this helpful tip: look for 100 calorie snacks, two a day max!
  • Remember, fruit and vegetables are always the best snacks! But keep fruit and vegetable juice, smoothies and dried fruit to mealtimes only

Local schools helped to spread the message by showing children an interactive Change4Life presentation called The Healthier Snacking Show in classrooms and assemblies, organising healthy after-school snack stalls in partnership with Mytime Active, and distributing healthy half-term ‘challenge packs’ for children to take home that included copies of a snack challenge sheet and healthy snack recipe idea card.

Lots of healthy eating themed activities took place over the half-term to help children with the challenge. Highlights included:

  • An event in Kensal Library where children took part in lots of healthy snack themed arts and crafts and listened to local musician Alexander D Great sing his healthy eating themed songs, including 5ADAY Your Way!
  • The launch of a new Be Food Smart promotion in three local corner shops in Golborne, which have introduced new ranges of healthy snacks and promotional materials to help shoppers identify healthier choices
  • A ‘Snack Attack’ workshop that took place at Al Hasaniya Moroccan Women’s Centre – where 25 children took part in fun activities to explore different 100 calorie snack ideas
  • Healthy cooking workshops at Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre – where over 50 children and parents enjoyed learning about and testing healthy snack recipes
  • A healthy eating workshop at the Dalgarno Trust – where a trained chef helped young people to whip up healthy treats in the kitchen
  • A family outing to Kew Gardens organised by the Golborne Community Champions that included a talk about healthy snacks, healthy snack packs, and a visit to a fruit and vegetable garden

Parents are being encouraged to sign up to Change4Life to receive free healthy snack vouchers and reward stickers for children who participated in the challenge. Schools have been helping to celebrate children’s efforts by distributing Go Golborne certificates and pencils to children who bring their completed challenge sheets back to school.

Reflecting on the success of the campaign, Zohra Davies from Al Hasaniya said ‘Our workshop was packed with fun and games to help families understand that 100 calorie snacks are the best way forward.  Many of the mothers fed back that they will be more mindful when it comes to snack time and make sure they will try to stick to 100 calorie snacks.’

Young pupil holding Go Golborne promotion leaflet