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Go Golborne’s fourth mini-campaign, Pedal & Stride was all about promoting active travel amongst children and families.

Go Golborne and the Sustainable Travel team are working in partnership with local organisations to organise lots of activities to make it easier for people to Pedal & Stride (or skate and scoot!) around town.

What do we mean by active travel?

‘Active travel’ means carrying out a journey using our bodies in a way that burns off energy. The most common way people travel in an active way is to walk or cycle, but scooting, jogging or skating count too!

Why is it important?

Over the last 30 years car usage in the UK has grown rapidly. Road traffic has increased by 88 per cent since 1980. This has had a big impact on our health and the environment. The Government and the Council are keen to encourage more people to travel in an active way as this will bring about many benefits:

  • Walking and cycling are good for our physical and mental health
  • Building walking or cycling into our daily routines is one of the most effective ways to increase physical activity
  • If more people travel in an active way it will help to reduce car use which in turn helps to reduce congestion, pollution and protect the environment
  • Less cars on the road reduces the risk of collisions and improves road safety

New Walking Time Map

We have produced a new map to show average walking times between key venues across North Kensington.
  • Pick up your free copy in local libraries, children’s centres and community centres across the Golborne and North Kensington area or download as a PDF (To view this digital edition you will need to have the latest version of Flash installed). You can also request a copy by emailing
  • Walking time map for North Kensington
  • Community Street Audit with Living Streets
    We work with a charity called Living Streets to carry out an audit of key walking routes in the Golborne area and explore ways the environment could be improved to make it easier and more pleasant to get around the area on foot. The Council is taking forward the ideas and recommendations from the audit as part of its future plans for the area. For further information please email
  • WOW! challenge for schools
    School’s across the area are taking part in the charity Living Streets’ WOW year-round walk to school challenge! With WOW pupils log their daily journeys to school each day on the WOW Travel Tracker tool. Those that walk to school at least once a week for a month earn a WOW badge, with 11 to collect across the year. When running WOW, schools see a 23 per cent increase in pupils walking to school and a corresponding drop in car use; reducing congestion outside the school gates and increasing safety.
  • Free cycle training and maintenance courses
    We are using the Pedal & Stride campaign as an opportunity to promote all the free cycle training and maintenance courses that are on offer year-round to residents, employees and students in Kensington and Chelsea. This includes a cycle hire scheme, social cycling courses, cycle skills sessions and bike maintenance courses. Find out more about what’s on offer.
  • Small grant scheme
    Organisations working across the Golborne area can apply for grants of up to £1,500 towards equipment or activities that will make it easier for local children and families to Pedal & Stride. To find out more email
  • Top tips and useful apps:
    Visit Bikeminded’s website, the Council’s cycling campaign, for all the latest news and events related to cycling. The Go Golborne WALK webpage includes the latest apps that are handy for planning journeys on foot and tips for building more walking time into our daily lives.

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