Primary school KS2

Visits are available all year round but please book early for the summer term as it is often fully booked.

Key Stage 2 Programmes

Programme (KS2) Description Focus
Habitats KS2
  1. Comparing the pond and woodland habitats the class can discover the different wildlife and see first-hand how they are suited to their contrasting habitats.

Food Chains KS2
  • Meet predators and prey up close in this hands on workshop. Exploring habitats through pond dipping and woodland invertebrate hunts to notice these food chains in action.

Pond and Woodland life
  • Compare and contrast different creatures that live in the ponds and woodlands of the park through pond dipping and an invertebrate hunt.
Plant Life - Pollination
  • The park’s garden and wildflowers are in full bloom in the spring and summer. In this workshop we explore the different ways plants are pollinated.(Spring or Summer terms only)
Plant Life - Seed dispersal
  • Autumn is an ideal time to explore how and why plants disperse their seeds. This workshop allows the class to explore the wildlife area to spot and identify species and their method of seed dispersal. (Autumn term only)
Keys - Animals
  • A practical workshop using  a variety of different keys to identify invertebrates in two different habitats (pond and wood) according to their characteristics.
  • The class will learn how animals are best adapted to their habitat through the centre’s collection of live and stuffed animals and then by carrying out invertebrate surveys of the woods and pond.
Nature’s Recyclers
  • In this workshop we will relate recycling to the woodland nutrient cycle; learn about the role of detritivores and decomposers in the woodland ecosystem and build a wormery.
  • Learn about the different types of animal lifecycles and their stages through invertebrate sampling and pond dipping. (Spring 2 and summer term only)
  • This practical workshop explores how living things can be classified into broad groups.


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Teachers' Testimonials

"Brilliant day, pitched well to the age group.
The children were engaged and on task at all times. Thank you."

Reception teacher, Oxford gardens School

"Enthusiastic interested staff. Appropriate level of learning.
A fabulous workshop. Certainly do this again."

Year 2 Teacher Thomas Kensington

"Always an enjoyable trip which the children
thoroughly enjoy. Thank you!"

Year 1 Teacher, Thomas Battersea

"A really interesting and interactive session.
My class loved it. Fiona was calm and kind to the boys and
we had a great time. Thank you."

Year 1 Teacher, Garden House School

"Very informative and stimulating for the children."
Year 2 Teacher, Norfolk House School

"As ever the session was well run by Trevor,
who gave clear instructions. Thank you."

Year 2 Teacher,
St Barnabas & St Philips School