Representation against a vehicle removal

Only use this form if no more than 28 days have passed since you paid to have your vehicle released.

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* Date paid for the release:
representation has to be made within 28 days of payment.

Please read the following eight grounds and write the corresponding letter in the box below.
Please continue in the box giving full details of your representation.

Vehicle immobilisation (Clamp) or Removal:

1. The vehicle had not been permitted to remain at rest in a civil enforcement area in circumstances in which a penalty charge was payable under regulation 4 of General Regulations 2007:
That there were no reasonable grounds for the Civil Enforcement Officer to believe that the alleged parking contravention had occurred.

2. That the vehicle had been parked by a person who was in control of the vehicle without the consent of the owner.
Please provide evidence (e.g. police crime reference number, insurance claim).

3. The place where the vehicle was at rest was not in a civil enforcement area for parking contraventions.

4. The penalty charge or other charge paid to secure the release of the vehicle exceeded the amount applicable in the circumstances of the case
That the penalty or other charge in question exceeded the amount applicable.

5. There has been procedural impropriety on the part of the enforcement authority:
A failure by the enforcement authority to observe any requirement imposed on it by the Traffic Management Act 2004, or the relevant Regulations made under that Act in respect of the civil enforcement of parking contraventions, in relation to the imposition or recovery of a penalty charge or other sum.

6. Following service of the PCN and at the time the vehicle was clamped or removed, there was no power to do so or the power had not arisen.
Where a minimum of 15* minutes had not elapsed since the end of the paid for time at a pay and display bay or 30 minutes in any other case
*in the case of a vehicle with 3 or more PCNs outstanding.

Additional ground applicable to Removal only:

7.The Civil Enforcement Officer had not fixed a PCN to the vehicle, or handed it to the person appearing to him to be in charge of the vehicle, before the vehicle was removed.

Additional ground applicable to Vehicle immobilisation (Clamp) only:

8. That under the terms of the Act, the vehicle was an exempt vehicle at the time in question:
A current disabled persons badge was displayed in the vehicle

Attachments and photos

This form is unable to accept attachments or photos, if you wish to include these as part of your representation please forward separately either by e-mail to or by post to "RBKC, PO Box 4294, Worthing, BN13 1WW" quoting your penalty charge notice number.

Data Protection

Any information you provide will be used by the Council for the purpose of dealing with this report and will not be disclosed to the public. This information may be provided to organisations working on behalf of the Council to rectify the problem.