Council tax reduction

In April 2013, the Government replaced the national Council Tax Benefit scheme with local council tax reduction schemes. Each local authority has designed its own scheme to help people on low income with their council tax bills. 

To fund these new local schemes the Government gives each council 10 per cent less than the cost of the old national Council Tax Benefit scheme. At the same time, the Government has said that pensioners must not lose any benefit compared with the old Council Tax Benefit scheme.

Our scheme

We have based our current Council Tax Reduction scheme on the Government’s Default Scheme, which replicates the old Council Tax Benefit scheme.

The Default Scheme is set out in the Council Tax Reductions Schemes (Default Scheme) (England) Regulations 2012. You can read the full regulations on the Government's legislation website. 

We will also increase the allowances in our Council Tax Reduction scheme at the start of each financial year, in line with increases in the Housing Benefit scheme.

To claim Council Tax Reduction if you are on Universal Credit call the Council's Benefits Service on 020 7361 3006. You can also download and print a claim form below.

Council Tax Reduction form [PDF] (file size 122.29 KB)

To claim Council Tax Reduction if you are not on Universal Credit, see our page on how to make a claim