A to Z Directory

What is it?
The A-Z is your directory of services and organisations - all sorts are listed, not just Council related ones.

Locate on a map
You can also locate organisations on a map – remember though that some may well be outside the borough or in some cases not even on a map (such as helplines or ‘virtual’ services and organisations).

How do I use it?
Just select a letter from the grid opposite. You will see that entries are organised in two ways:

  • The entries are grouped under subject headings. If you are looking for doctors you can select 'D', then select 'By subject', then select 'DOCTORS'.
  • The entries are also grouped alphabetically - exactly like a telephone directory. If you are looking for 'Paddington Churches Housing Association' select 'P', then select 'By organisation'.
  • When you get to a set of results you'll see them all highlighted on an interactive Google map, you can jump to the results or click within the map for more information.

Refining the results
You may only be interested in certain kinds of organisations - those closest to your home, for example. For this reason you can choose to display only those organisations in a certain postcode. You will find other options that will help you to focus your search.

Paging through results
Sometimes you will find that there are too many entries to be displayed on a single page. In these cases each page will be numbered and you can hop to and from different pages.

The Royal Borough provides this A-Z database of council departments, local and national organisations as part of our service. We work to ensure the information is accurate but cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions. The Council does not necessarily endorse all the organisations / service providers listed in this database. If you have any queries about information listed here please email information.services@rbkc.gov.uk.