Children in employment and entertainment



All children who require a performance licence must be chaperoned by either the child’s parents, their legal guardian or an approved adult (chaperone / matron).

Relatives (such as grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters) are not permitted to chaperone a child unless they hold a chaperone (matron) approval from the local authority area in which they, the adult, resides.

About chaperone approval

We can only consider an approval to be a chaperone if:

  • you live within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea or Westminster City Council
  • you are over the age of 18

You should download the chaperone application form or contact the Child Employment and Licensing officers on 020 7745 6612 / 6441. 

DBS and necessary reference checks will be undertaken before approval.

How to apply for chaperone approval

  • Complete the chaperone application and DBS forms
  • Call us on 020 7745 6612 / 6441 to arrange an appointment to submit your application and DBS forms and to pay for the DBS check. Please bring your DBS verification ID documents (birth certificate, passport, utility bills etc) and a passport-sized photo.

Chaperone licences are valid for 1 year for new approvals. Renewals are valid for 3 years unless revoked and should be carried at all times when chaperoning children.

Last updated: 29 November 2019