Basements Review: Submission

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Basements Submission Planning Policy

The Council submitted its draft policy on basement development to the Secretary of State for examination on 29 April 2014.

Responses on the publication consultation of February/March 2014 can be found below:

In addition to the responses above, the following documents were submitted by the Council:

Document RefName
 Basements Submission Planning Policy April 2014
 Covering Letter to Planning Inspectorate
 Index of Basements Submission Documents
BAS 01Basements Submission Planning Policy - April 2014
BAS 02Statement of Consultation Reg 22 (c)
BAS 03Summary of Consultation
BAS 04Council's Response to Publication Consultation
BAS 04/01Addendum to BAS 04 Council's Response to Publication Consultation
BAS 05Council's Responses to Cranbrook Basements, RBKC, April 2014 (cover only)
BAS 05/01Council's Response - Index of Documents Submitted by Cranbrook Basements
BAS 05/02Council’s Response to Cranbrook Basements’ Submission on Law and Policy by Timothy Comyn, RBKC, Feb 2014
BAS 05/03Council’s Response to ‐ Proposed Planning Policy CL7, Comments by Cranbrook Basements (March 2014), RBKC, April 2014
BAS 05/04Council’s Response to Cranbrook Basements Document 62 by Bell Cornwell, RBKC, April 2014
BAS 05/05Council’s Response to Representations submitted on behalf of Cranbrook Basements on Planning Matters by Bell Cornwell LLP (July 2013 Responses), RBKC, April 2014
BAS 05/06Council’s Response to Cranbrook  Basements  –  Executive Summary, Comments on Basements Publication Planning Policy – Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, April 2014
BAS 05/07Council’s response (Environmental Health Department) to Noise and Nuisance Issues raised in Cranbrook Basements (Documents 53 and 54) Representation, RBKC, April 2014
BAS 05/08Council’s Response to Cranbrook Basements comments related to Listed Buildings, RBKC, April 2014
BAS 05/09Council’s Response to Cranbrook Basements Document 60 by Jeffery W George and Associates, RBKC, April 2014
BAS 05/10Council’s Response to Cranbrook Basements’ Documents 37, 39 and 48 on Visual Evidence, RBKC, April 2014
BAS 05/11Response to consultation responses for “The potential impact of basement excavation on biodiversity: a paper for the RBKC Planning Department, 2014” by Kelly Gunnell, Ecology Service Manager, RBKC
BAS 05/12RBKC Basements Response to Consultation Comments Prepared for
RBKC by Alan Baxter and Associates, April 2014
BAS 05/13Council's Response - Technical Review RBKC – Basements Policy Public Consultation Response, Waterman Energy Report prepared by Eight Associates, April 2014
BAS 05/14Council’s Response to Arboricultural Issues raised by Cranbrook Basements and Basement Force, RBKC, April 2014
BAS 05/15Council’s Response to Arboricultural Issues raised by Cranbrook Basements and Basement Force in the July/September 2013 Publication Consultation, RBKC, April 2014
BAS 06Council's Response to Basement Force
BAS 06/01Council's Response - Index of Documents Submitted by Basement Force
BAS 06/02Council's Response to Basement Force (Main Document)
BAS 06/03Council's Response - Operational Carbon report submitted by Ashmount Consulting prepared for the Council by Eight Associates, April 2014
BAS 06/04Council’s response (Environmental Health Department) to Noise and Nuisance Issues raised in Basement Force Representation, RBKC, April 2014
BAS 07Council's Response - Other Large Responses, RBKC, April 2014
BAS 08PAS Test of Soundness Toolkit, RBKC, April 2014
BAS 09PAS Legal Compliance Toolkit, RBKC, April 2014
BAS 10Monitoring Indicators, RBKC, April 2014
BAS 11Report to Full Council, RBKC
BAS 12Copies of all Representations (see above)
BAS 13Copies of letters sent out advertising Publication
 Basements Publication Planning Policy Feb/Mar 2014
BAS 14Basements Publication Planning Policy (Feb 2014)
BAS 15Consultation Response Form
BAS 16Guide to Making Representations
BAS 17Statement of Representation Procedures
BAS 18Policy Formulation Report, Feb 2014
BAS 19Statement of Consultation (Reg 17), Feb 2014
BAS 20Summary of Consultation, Feb 2014
BAS 21Sustainability Appraisal (SA/SEA), Feb 2014
BAS 22Habitats Directive Screening Assessment, Feb 2014
BAS 23Equalities Impact Assessment
BAS 24Monitoring Report, 2013 (Extract Chapter 2)
BAS 25Population and Household Density, Feb 2014
BAS 26Background Report 01 (Urban Design Strategy), Urban Initiatives, Jul 2006
BAS 27Basements Development Data, Feb 2014
BAS 28Case Studies of Basement Excavation, Alan Baxter and Associates, Jan 2014
BAS 29Basement Works - Impact on Residents, Feb 2014
BAS 30Alan Baxter Associates Basements Report (Mar 2013)
BAS 31London Terrace Houses 1660 - 1860, English Heritage, 1996 
BAS 32Basements in Gardens of Listed Buildings, Alan Baxter and Associates, Feb 2014
BAS 33
BAS 34Basements Visual Evidence - External Manifestations, Feb 2014
BAS 35Trees and Basements, Feb 2014
BAS 36Impact of Basement Development on Biodiversity, Feb 2014
BAS 37London: Garden City?, 1998 - 2008, London Wildlife Trust, 2011
BAS 38Life Cycle Carbon Analysis, Eight Associates, Feb 2014 (Duplicate of one published in July 2013)
BAS 39Evidence Base for Basements and Policy CE1: Climate Change, Eight Associates
BAS 40Carbon Offsetting, Feb 2014
 Basements Publication Planning Policy Jul/Sep 2013
BAS 41Basements Publication Policy
BAS 42Guide to making representations
BAS 43Publication Consultation Response Form
BAS 44Statement of Representation Procedures 
BAS 45Sustainability Appraisal (SA/SEA)
BAS 46Core Strategy Screening Assessment
BAS 47Consultation Responses on Second Draft Basements Policy 
BAS 48Equalities Impact Assessment
BAS 49Evidence Base for Basements and Policy CE1: Climate Change, Eight Associates
 Basements Second Draft Policy 
BAS 50Basements Second Draft Policy
BAS 51Consultation Response Form
BAS 52Sustainability Appraisal (SEA/SA)
BAS 53Consultation Responses to Draft Basements Policy
 Basements Draft Policy 
BAS 54Basements Review Draft Paper
BAS 55Sustainability Appraisal (SEA/SA) Draft Policy
BAS 56Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA)
BAS 57Alan Baxter Associates Basement Report (Dec 2012)
 Basements Issues Consultation 
BAS 58Basement Development Issues Paper
BAS 59Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report
BAS 60Workshop summary
BAS 61Summary of issues consultation
 Basements Surveys
BAS 62Response to neighbours survey
BAS 63Response to residents associations survey
BAS 64Response to owners survey
 Draft Policy Consultation Events
BAS 65Summary of comments for event 1 
BAS 66Summary of comments for event 2
 Second Draft Policy Q & A Session
BAS 67Basements Second Draft Policy Q & A Session
 Basements Working Group Documents
BAS 68Terms of Reference
BAS 69Basements Working Group Meeting Minutes
 Additional minutes and notes provided by members of the group Cranbrook Basements
BAS 70Response to minutes email
BAS 71Minutes
BAS 72Definition of Larger Site
BAS 73Typical Large Site Area
 Basement Force
BAS 74Email exchange
BAS 75Meeting notes feedback
BAS 76Comments
BAS 77Tree and landscape emails
BAS 78Bloomsbury Square gardens
BAS 79Hyde Park car park pictures
BAS 80Cavendish Square gardens
BAS 81Bedford Gardens renders
BAS 82Bedford Gardens planting
BAS 83Bedford Gardens picture
 Norland Society
BAS 84Notes of minutes
 Kensington Society
BAS 85Tree advice
BAS 86Suggestion for what is large
 Sustainability email exchange
BAS 87Abba Energy
BAS 88Michael Bach
BAS 89Michael Bach-Terence Bendixson-Clive Wilson
 Other correspondence
BAS 90RBKC email
BAS 91Dr Thompson's email
BAS 92Marina Murray's email
 Other relevant documents
BAS 93Subterranean Development SPD
BAS 94Securing the Future
BAS 95

Draft Sustainable Design and Construction SPG July 2013

Sustainable Design and Construction SPG April 2014

BAS 96Responses from Specific Consultees, July 2013 Publication
BAS 97Copies of Late Representations (see above)

Common Submission Documents: These documents are relevant to the submitted policies on Basements, Conservation and Design and Miscellaneous Matters.

Post-submission the Council has notified general and specific consultation bodies (by letter and email) that the policy has been submitted. The Council has also produced the statement required by Regulation 22 (3) (a) (iv).

Last updated: 29 November 2019