Basements Working Group

A Basements Working Group has been established. This comprises members, residents, developers and specialists. Four meetings were held in February, to discuss how the policy might be modified in the light of the broad themes from the consultation. The notes of the meetings and terms of reference are available below.

Terms of Reference

Minutes of Meetings

Basements Working Group Meeting 1

Basements Working Group Meeting 2

Basements Working Group Meeting 3

Basements Working Group Meeting 4

Additional minutes and notes provided by members of the group

Cranbrook Basements

Response to minutes email


Definition of Larger Site

Typical Large Site Area

Basement Force

Email exchange

Meeting notes feedback


Tree and landscape emails

Bloomsbury Square gardens

Hyde Park car park pictures

Cavendish Square gardens

Bedford Gardens renders

Bedford Gardens planting

Bedford Gardens picture

Norland Society

Notes of minutes

Kensington Society

Tree advice

Suggestion for what is large

Sustainability email exchange

Abba Energy

Michael Bach

Michael Bach-Terence Bendixson-Clive Wilson

Other correspondence

RBKC email

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Last updated: 29 November 2019